You Scratch My Back And I’ll….

Scratch yours…

It’s the way of the world, or so we would like to think.

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. Today we are happy souls and are found smiling and considering others having just been considered ourselves. Well, when I say we were considered, what I mean to say is somebody I know as been shown some consideration and because of this, I am doing the return back scratching.

Firstly I will apologise for the “local-centric” nature of this post. It is a little story about a local family and a local firm who are helping them in a time of need and such is the greatness of the story, I feel I should write about it here because it proves that I might not be the only decent soul around these parts….

The origin of the phrase “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”Β has a nautical derivation. In the English Navy during the 17th Century, the punishments for being absent, drunk, or disobedient were severe. One punishment would see the offender tied to the ship’s mast and flogged with a lash (known as a cat o’ nine tails – see picture above) by another crew member. Crew members struck deals between themselves that they would deliver only light lashes with the whip (i.e., just “scratching” the offender’s back) to ensure they were treated the same should they ever found themselves on the receiving end at some time in the future.

Obviously over the years this has changed to people simply doing each other a favour with the understanding that they will get one in return. Well yesterday I had a perfect example of this and it made me smile and swell with pride πŸ™‚

Hence my title.

So what happened?

We last year a friend of mine was on holiday in Greece with her family and unfortunately during her stay her daughter Freya was involved in a car accident that ended up with her having to stay in hospital in Greece for many many weeks after as she was to poorly to travel. When at last Freya was well enough she was brought over to the UK and was assessed at a hospital in Oxford before it was decided that she be transferred to a specialist children’s brain injury rehabilitation unit in Tadworth, Surrey. This is a place that offers the most amazing care and rehabilitation to children but it is also a good distance from the town of Wantage, where Freya and her family live and if you have ever tried to get from Wantage to anywhere in Surrey, you will know it ain’t that easy…

This led to Su, Freya’s mum putting a post on the Facebook asking if anyone could help get her car (that had been sat for several months since the accident) started and then arrange for it to be MOT’d (a test to assess the car’s roadworthiness) Β so she might start to use it again and have more freedom in her journey’s to and from Tadworth.

Enter Cameron.

I saw the post on Facebook and messaged Su to say that I could certainly get the car going and would arrange to take it to the local garage to get it tested for its MOT.

Not a problem.

I got the car going, got the car to the MOT test centre and waited for the news on how much there was to do.

The car failed the test and the list was long with lots of warnings, but the car is a decent enough car so it is economical to repair and not replace.

So this is where the scratching of backs comes in.

I spoke to the garage where I took the car for it’s test and although I would have been able to do many of the jobs myself, it was simply more economic to have the garage to do them as they had the car lifts etc that would make the jobs that much quicker and easier to complete thus getting the car back to Su quicker.

Enter Tune-Rite Motor Services.

I told them the story and asked if they might help out with the extensive list of work that was required. I also asked if they might service the car as they had it at their disposal anyway.

I also asked for a massive discount.

And do you know what?

They gave it to me!

All they asked for in return was that I talk about them here on my blog and I promote them on Facebook and Twitter over the next few weeks and in the summer when I am onΒ my walk, have their badge sewn onto my T Shirt. I readily agreed as I honestly believe this is a small price to pay for the enormous good deed these guys are doing in return.
Getting Su’s car back on the road so she can travel freely to and from the hospital, so she can spend extra time with her other children at home and so she might be able to take her daughter on a day trip, is something of such incredible value, you really cannot put a price on it.

I for one am blown away by Tune-Rite’s generosity and all I ask is that anyone out there in this locale who needs a car repair or knows anyone who needs likewise then please just say the name Tune-Rite to them because these guys are absolutely awesome and deserve all of the local support they can get. They also have a page on Facebook that ANYONE can like so after you have finished reading this, what not pop over to the Tune-Rite Facebook page and give them a like, its the least you can do when you hear that someone is this generous…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


26 thoughts on “You Scratch My Back And I’ll….

  1. New Journey says:

    You made my heart swell with pride to be one of you blogger friends…you are a good man, and wonderful humanitarian….not only an Ambassador for weight loss and bariatric surgery, you have now added humanitarian to the long list….well done….for sure that act of kindness put multiple feathers in your wings…..( I always add feathers to my wings so after I die I am able to become a full fledge angel quicker) can’t hurt right??? xxx kathy

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thanks Doc and thank you for liking their page, very kind of you to do so πŸ™‚
      Odd that you could not post a message though, maybe it is simply because you are across the pond?
      Who knows the way the black magic that is social media works…. πŸ˜‰


  2. lynne hoareau says:

    Cameron, what an amazing story. I literally had goose-bumps reading it. Thank you for being such a true and kind person. I have ‘liked’ Tune-Rite’s Facebook Page. I hope for Freya to have a full recovery. She is so lucky to have such a good rehabilitation centre there. Take care and have a good weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you so much Lynne, you are very kind indeed.
      I am sure she is in the best place for her current issues so I remain hopeful of a good recovery.
      You too have a good weekend, I plan to see my Nephews and Neice this weekend so will probably need a day off to recover after the weekend with those three!

      Liked by 1 person

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