Charity, Charity, Charity, Charity, Charity

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I trust today finds you snug and warm in thick socks and a warm coat. If not, then I hope ¬†it finds you on the other side of the world, warming your bones ūüôā


Yes, that word is back and will continue to feature¬†until I get the message out to you ALL that I will be asking you ALL to donate to the HENRY Charity and support me in my HENRY walk along the Ridgeway and Hadrian’s Wall.

I will, as many of you know, be walking The Ridgeway between Friday June 10th and Tuesday the 14th, resting on the 15th, travelling north on the 16th and commencing the Hadrian’s Wall leg of the walk on Friday the 17th, again completing it by the following Tuesday (the 21st). This will see me cover a total of 170 miles.

Now I am sure you will agree that this is a massive undertaking and one which I will most definitely need the support of all of my friends, relatives and blog followers to turn the walk into the massive success that it needs to become in order to raise the grand total of £10,000 for the charity.

For myself, I shall be training for the next five months by building up my walking stamina and working on my core strength so that I have plenty of stability to take me where I need to go as I travel o’er hill and vale, because you see we have those things in this neck of the woods…. ūüėČ

So what do I need from everyone else? Well, I would obviously LOVE it if people chose to walk with me; and I would LOVE it if people could help out with the logistics of camping, food prep, waste removal, water provision, Archie sitting…. the list goes on and on. There is so much to work out for this walk because it is simply getting bigger and bigger.
Those of us already involved are getting excited so heaven knows what things will be like closer to the time. Hopefully there will be Television crews, there will be Local and National Journalism, there will be Local and National Radio and this will be on both walks, so that is down here and up there so imagine the logistics of getting it all sorted! Quite a headache for sure.
But it won’t be a headache if we can all pull together and I can start getting names on lists of those who are willing to help. I know there will be many of you who will want to join in the walking at the local part so that is a given, but it is going to be the start at Ivinghoe Beacon and the finish at Avebury where I shall also need¬†you all. I will need the smiles and welcoming arms of friends to see me home at the end of the first leg. I shall also be needing help with the northern walk, again with logistics, again with company and again with the seeing me off at Bowness and welcoming me home at Wallsend. I would love for as many people to join me as we can possibly muster, because let’s face it, an opportunity to walk Hadrian’s Wall doesn’t come along too often so I figure this could be a chance of a lifetime, a chance to be involved in something great and something that could one day be looked upon as historic.

So yes, I am sure everyone is sick to death of Charity. Charity this, sponsor me that, aren’t I wonderful etc etc. Yes I also know that everyone is probably sick to death of Just Giving but really and truly (and this is the good but bad bit) everyone is sick to death of unhealthy children who no longer play in the streets, climb trees on the greens or run freely in the parks. Everyone of our generation dislikes the fact that these children are growing up obese because activity is restricted to Playstation and X Box whereas in our day it was Cocky-Alley-In and Football, Rounders, Athletics and IMAGINATION that kept us all fit, active and healthy.
So lets not be sick of the fact I am asking you for a little of your time, be grateful that you are able to offer it and help out safe in the knowledge that what you do WILL make a difference to a child’s life and WILL mean that they grow up healthy strong and fit.

Come on everyone, lets do something great, let’s walk for HENRY so that the next generation might simply be able to walk.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.