Can WBFM Become A Brand?

Good morning to all of my lovely readers and welcome back once again to another Monday here on Planet Magnet!

I must say that I did enjoy my blogging break for a couple of days but if I am honest, I am now glad to be back at it and looking forward to the week ahead…. 😉

One bit of bad news however, I think I may have hurt my knee after kneeling on it for a couple of hours last night as I did a little D.I.Y. I don’t recall it being sore as I was working and it certainly wasn’t sore until I rose this morning and was walking along the hallway. What is more weird is the fact that it was swinging and sending a sharp pain through my knee as I walked or twisted (yes I know the second one is a given….) but I was able to RUN up the stairs to my apartment with no ill effects.

How weird is that!

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