He’s A Jolly Nice Bloke That WBFM…

Bluddy Nice Bloke That Cameron, Bluddy Nice….

Yes, very good of me to say so 😉

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to yet another day here on Planet Magnet. A day that is sure to offer great things along with a much improved mindset simply because of the fact that it is Friday tomorrow and we all know that’s when the weekend starts!

Today has not even started for me yet and I already know I am so busy I am wondering when I will be able to fit in not only my lunch but several planned jobs, some writing and most important of all, my trip to the gym, which let’s face it I can’t miss after yesterdays post chastising myself for that very thing where I say I don’t have enough time to go. I must simply prioritise and think of myself first because if yesterday was anything to go by, I am absolutely certain I put myself last at every turn…..

Not this old chestnut again?

Yes, I am wondering this myself.

I suppose I feel I can share with you guys and get my feedback and thoughts straight so I can carry on with my day ahead, unburdened of silly issues. Blogging offers a catharsis I have not really encountered  before and is kind of equal to unloading of all ones problems. Todays issue will be without doubt a knee jerk reaction to the crazy few days I have jut experienced. I can wear my heart on my sleeve at times even though I have been told that if someone has me for a friend, they have literally won the “friend lottery” as there is very little I won’t do for my friends.


Being a highly regarded “Bluddy Nice Bloke” may be all well and good most days, but living it at the expense of your own timeframe can begin to take the shine off of the life reaffirmation helping others can bring the sole.
I have spoken before about the fact that as a larger person I would almost definitely define myself by helping everyone as much as I could, never learning to use the word No, but this is an ingrained and longstanding habit whose residual effects seem to hang around much after the fat man has left the room. Maybe it is simply ingrained in me and I am simply someone who likes to help others or maybe I am a bit of a martyr? I find this odd because I can say No and I can say I will do something but not until I have time.

However, yesterday was a prime example of my inability to sometimes do neither.
Now I know you do for friends and family but when it means that you can’t see the wood for the trees it does become a trifle too much on occasion. There are certain people in my life whom I would help all day and everyday so why should the ones who make me write posts such as this be any different? I am still giving up my time in just the same way, I am still putting others first before I meet my own requirements but for some reason I find I get more wound up by some than others.
My phone literally goes ALL day long, ringing, texting, or emails and notifications. I have tasks of my own that I want to complete, I have posts such as this to write, work to do for my charity walk (see top menu) I have a dog whom I wish to walk and I have a date with the gym that I don’t like to break yet I still find myself struggling to fit it all in because I am still that “Bluddy Good Bloke”helping everyone else first but I can’t help myself.

Maybe I’m wired wrong?

Maybe I should simply suck it up and be thankful that I have some amazing friends, because lets face it, in this day and age it is easy to become a very insular and lonely person who never really interacts with others, not having any group they can refer to as friends.

I know it is a silly rant but it is one that must come out every now and then. I wonder if must learn to say no a little more than I currently do?
Don’t get me wrong I have friends who will always help me out, who have always been there for me and will continue to be so. Perhaps this moaning is actually an unfounded whinge on my part?
I suppose I will struggle to find out if I am always willing to jump to it for everyone?
But will I ever change?
Was my needing to please people some other part of my make up and not related to valuing myself more as a fat man if I was helping others out?
I suppose if I sat and thought about it, had a head shrinker to ask the right questions I may get to the bottom of it, but maybe if I am honest I have no idea if I really do actually mind.

After all, it is a nice feeling to be wanted.

It’s just that somedays I feel I might prefer more of a “WANTED, Dead or Alive. Reward $100,000” wanted feeling.

At least that way I could get MY jobs done whilst I was in the local Sheriffs wooden jail waiting for my friends to come and bust me out of Dodge…..

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out  of the fridge.


32 thoughts on “He’s A Jolly Nice Bloke That WBFM…

  1. chape says:

    How about this?
    The better you feel, the better you can help others. So, take care of yourself first. You will be relaxed and happy to help others, once you´ve got YOUR things done.


  2. New Journey says:

    Cameron….a bloody good bloke indeed….You really need to take care of you first…it you don’t get to do what makes you a good ole bloke, then you will start to build resentments up against those stealing your time…yes I believe you do it because you are a bloody good ole bloke…but even they can say not today..maybe later if I finish my errands, sorry I can’t today…take care of you first…the guilt you will start to fee about not going to the gym, getting some writing done..doing what’s on your personal list first…it will only be a detriment to your well being…hardest thing I learned is taking care of me first…you can only be a better good ole bloke if you take care of yourself first…turn your phone off or turn the notifications off for a few hours…better yet…I have been leaving mine lay on my desk and going about my day with out my addiction…feels good to not to be tied to the cell/internet….give it a try….I can contest life goes on, sometimes easier without the little beggar bugging you!!! LOL you are a good man but its Camerons turn to be first…kat

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I will give it a go Kat, got to be worth the effort for sure.
      I certainly need to try to do it and I will be more effectual by doing so I am sure. In fact tomorrow I think I only have a couple of jobs to do so I shall have a lay in in the morning and then write my blog. It has to be the way forward, giving myself a little R&R for the day….! I never managed to get to the bloody gym again today but that was only partly because I was stacked out with things to do, I also had a belter of a headache so really didn’t fancy it at all.
      Back into it slowly but surely and I still walked 2.6 miles in 44 minutes with the dog….


  3. Lynz Real Cooking says:

    I felt I could have been reading allot of this about me!!! Cameron, the thing I did learn from my kids— My son told me MOM PUT your oxygen mask on first first! I am still not good at doing that, but I do try. I learned when it comes to health that I must do my exercise first! My suggestion get your gym or walk in first thing! Then the day is easier. I have spent a life time not putting me on any list of “to-do’s” and I am actually missing teeth! So, they are not words, they are things you must do. I find for me, saying no is almost impossible as I feel I am some how letting everyone down. I was not a beauty queen but I was funny and “helpful”! Everyone always raved about how helpful I was, so I think we get into this mold! Realize you are valuable just being you not always the helper. Ok there was my little rant! Take care and remember you are important and special just because you are Cameron, you don’t need to do anything but just be you!! xx

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  4. Osyth says:

    Step AWAY from the phone. Put it at the bottom of a drawer or even, heaven forbid, turn it off for a part of the day that you can then reclaim as yours and yours alone. Those that love you and think of you as a bluddy good bloke will not think the worse of you. I recently visited my new Doctor here on the other side and talked to him about anxiety. He is a firm believer, and it is something that is increasingly documented and I am now reading up on, that social media and modern communication (mobile phones being the number one) are at the root of the upsurge in anxiety disorders. I believe him.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I can honestly say that I think he is right. My phone is constantly going as I said and only when I am with my friend do I let it bing and leave it. She has told me off several times about it and said that I should just put the notifications on silent but leave calls and messages on quiet, that way I will get more done by not feeling that I need to constantly check the screen when it makes a noise. She said exactly what you did, life will go on and no one will think anything less of me.

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  5. jncthedc says:

    I think you nailed the answer yourself. There is a satisfaction gained in being “the good guy” everyone can turn to for help. This creates (in your mind) a positive image in their minds. You are lacking the self confidence and self awareness of who Cameron really is? By helping others, it clarifies the “good guy” image. You don’t need to personify this image. You are a good guy whether you focus your efforts on everyone else or not. Creating balance in life doesn’t reduce your value or self image just because you may have less time to help others. If they can not realize the person you truly are, they are not worth the time or effort to worry about. Learning “to do” because you “want to” and because you can will become (in time) more important than how others view your acts of kindness. The person you face in the mirror everyday is the person you must answer to. Facing so many changes all at once makes the journey a difficult task. You will find your own sense of self in time.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      That is so totally it.
      I need to create a balance and I need to be happy with this person in the mirror. I suppose that I will finally see what needs to be done and that I need to be first. It will take time but I will get there. I know I could not bear to be an old curmudgeon who people could not go to but in the same vain I don’t want to be walked all over….

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  6. Amanda says:

    I can absolutely see where one would feel they won the friend lottery-you’re a genuine gem. I don’t think the problem is necessarily you helping others, rather you might have just forgotten that you’re your BEST friend and you have to help out your best friend too by making time for YOU. Saying no a little more doesn’t take anything away from your other friendships- remind yourself of that if you start to feel twinges of guilt. You deserve your time too.

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  7. lynne hoareau says:

    Oh my…I have a friend, who too, has a heart of gold. Always putting others before him, putting himself on the back burner and it drives me crazy. Sometimes to the point I wonder whether his friends are taking him for granted. I hope not.
    I do not know what your daily schedule is, be it work related or personal, but really try and tackle ‘you’ first. Wake up in the morning, put on your gym stuff, take Archie for his walk, and head for the gym. Do your stuff first and then deal with everyone afterwards. You have to take time out for you first. Then you will feel great and not guilty as you put in time for you.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Absolutely Lynne. Things must change and they will I am sure. From Monday I shall be rising and walking the little man then I shall be going to the gym. This means it is not only out of the way but it also means that I am free for more ME time with intermittent burst of helping….!

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  8. chattykerry says:

    There is a fine balance with being a people pleaser. It is a wonderful quality to be caring, thoughtful and giving with friends but part of your journey involves creating boundaries for your eating habits and relationships. Eventually it dawns on you, as it did with me, that it is okay to say no and choose to either give no reason or tell some kind of truth. In my case, I can now say that I am feeling anxious and need to have some time to myself. Some friends and family will never understand. One person, after the funeral, suggested that I could now support my husband by me working instead of him. They read my blog….

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Some folk are so totally blind the the world no matter how many pictures you might paint for them. It is quite amazing how they think we are simply there for them or our life is perfectly okay and we WANT to go out of our way to help. I am afraid I almost cannot help myself helping others and it is part of the illness I am sure.
      I had a conversation with a friend this evening who could not get her head around the fact that I get anxious and panicky when I have to go to new places. She was unable to grasp how someone like myself has a problem with this simple task. I could take my shirt off in front of camera so 100,000’s of people see me but walking into a room I have never been before freaks me out.
      She listened and understood but there are many others that as I say, simply don’t get it.

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