My Latest Couch Trip

Good afternoon world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I have chosen write the blog a little later than normal today because I wanted to let you know how my trip to see the Counsellor this morning panned out and how she answered my queries about the massive disparity between new body brain and old body brain.

So this morning I was fortunate enough to be able to start the first of six sessions with Kathleen, at my local Health Centre. A bit of a result as far as I was concerned because usually to see anyone in this capacity, it would mean a trip to a major city or Oxford at the very least. This means I was able to take my time and be relaxed about the whole thing, or as relaxed as I can be whenever I am experiencing something new….

The meeting started off in a peculiar fashion (or at first I thought it was a little odd until I realised why) with Kathleen coming out to greet me in the waiting room and then showing me to a lift. She explained the her office was on the first floor and in future I would simply be called and have to make my way to that lift. She opened the door for me, told me to press the Level 1 button and then she left me in the lift and used the stairs herself. By the time the door re-opened, she was waiting for me outside. I exited and followed her to the office we were to have the meeting in.
Like I say, a little weird but then when we arrived at the office I realised it was all about anxiety and panic and the fact she guided me through exactly what needed to be done was the perfect way to avoid these two prevalent destructive emotions. She had basically taken the fear out of what was happening by being a touch irreverent and at the same time it had shown me where I need to go each session whilst not over thinking it.

Very clever.

So we sat down and started to complete the assessment forms to see how crazy I am, forms to see if I am likely to harm myself (not a chance, too soft for that) or try to take my own life (no way, not after the great year I have had 🙂 ) I was then asked about my past and how my family was set up, how my father and mother figured in my life and what my love life was or was not.
I explained that my father was no longer with us and that long ago I had worked through and resolved any issues I may have had with him. We discussed my weight loss and the fact that I have a negative body image expressing a desire that we would work on this. I also raised the fact that the brain has not caught up with the body so I would like to work on this also. We discussed my love life (or lack there of!) and strangely she understood that for now I am relatively happy with what is happening in my life where I am very close to a friend who seems to fulfil most of my relationship requirements whilst still allowing me to feel able to grow and change into the person I so wish to become.

The most amazing thing was her thoughts on my relationship with my mother. As you guys know, I am very close to mum but most definitely NOT a mummy’s boy by any stretch of the imagination. However, she did note that even though I had left home many years ago I had not actually “left home” by virtue of the fact I had always stayed local to keep an eye on Mother. At first I thought this an odd thing to say but as I mulled the point over I began to understand what she meant. Mum is one of my best friends and someone I go to in times of need whether financially or emotionally. She has always been there for me and I have possibly let this relationship continue by feeling that I need to be around to make sure she is okay.

Even though I now know there is a much greater detail to be discussed on this subject, I did find it quite amazing that it should be raised as I had never thought of it before today.


Anyway, in summary I can honestly say that the entire experience was almost enjoyable. It was most definitely relaxed and helpful but more importantly an experience completely so far removed from the one described by a Word Press friend last week, that you do have to question the terrible treatment she received  compared to the treatment I received. To that end I came away feeling good about nearly everything and now know that after this initial assessment we will be able to talk openly and freely and the Psychologist will have some good guidance to offer on any single thing I wish to discuss.
Today, as I said, was an assessment to determine the severity of my needs (no severity), my current emotional state (very good) and what I wanted to talk about going forward (poor self image, the fact that I feel there is something missing from my life, my relationship with food and now after 25 years after doing so, finding out why I have still not yet left home….) Today she posed many psychological questions but from next Monday on, she will listening be simply and advising on any points that I wish to raise so there will hopefully be a report on these that might possibly answer some of your fears should they be similar to mine.

So I now have homework for the week. I am required to take a long hard look at myself and think of any questions relating to the issues identified in the meeting.
Crazy really, when I left the house this morning I believed I was a strong, smart independent man. Now it turns out I am 47, still “living at home” and as usual, will most probably put off doing my homework until the very last minute….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

29 thoughts on “My Latest Couch Trip

  1. Osyth says:

    I’ve seen many councillors and psychologists over the years and had virtually given up when I met the last one who I saw on and off for a period of years ending about 6 years ago. Since I have not felt the need to seek help since, I can only surmise that the end result was a resounding success. What I learned was that it was for me to help me and that the councillor is a guide. Like any instructor or teacher therefore they have to be someone that fits you. It sounds as though Kathleen fits you and has got the measure of you instantly and has you thinking rather than just going through the motions and allowing the status quo to be maintained. Something I know I am good at and I rather think you are too 😉

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  2. Amanda says:

    I have an appointment to see my therapist next week and it will be the first since three weeks before surgery. I have been battling with what I want to talk to her about most, as I only have an hour! I can certainly attest to the help therapy provides, if nothing but offering guidance on where your thoughts and actions should be directed. I really hope you do enjoy the experience and thank you for sharing it with us!

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  3. jncthedc says:

    Finding our place in life by evaluating deep within ourselves can be a scary place to journey. I’m glad you found someone you are comfortable sharing your life’s experiences with. This is important when trying to reveal areas in life that impede our abilities to move forward. This therapist sounds like a good match for you. I truly believe you will find your place in life. It just takes time, patience, passion for living and the ability to apply meaning to one’s life. I have no doubt you will succeed in this adventure.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thanks Doc, I am doing my best for sure. I just need to slow myself down and take stock for a minute and remind myself of how far I have come. I need to realise that I still have a long way to go because my journey doesn’t end with the target weight. It ends when I can live healthily without second guessing myself all the time and trying to plough crap into my mouth.
      I am getting better each day but it is hard and I struggle to manage my impatience because my success has been so rapid that I expect all of my results to be as quick.
      I need the patience as I already have so much more passion for life than I did for so very long.
      I am also hoping there is meaning to come from my life. I am yet to see the bigger picture where that is concerned because I struggle to find my focus. I have so many ideas but they are so varied that there is no way I can do them all. I would dearly love to see myself in the Media in some way shape or form but how that will happen I honestly do not know. I suppose that is the waiting game…..
      Life is good, but currently it is testing my patience in love and achievement….

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  4. sleeveforme22 says:

    Therapy is awesome – though I never thought I would say that. I always leave feeling like I have more insight into myself and, let’s face it, that is important throughout this process. I’m proud of you for going through the process.

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  5. New Journey says:

    Hummm….I find it charming that a son would want to be there for his mum…nothing wrong with that…she doesn’t do your laundry or shopping….personally I find it refreshing that you care about her and want to be close, as long as its for her and not you….I have never lived away from my kids…I miss them, but I don’t miss them…the old take mum for granted was an eye opener for them but in reality I am still here for them…glad you enjoyed your first appointment. And do your homework!!!!!

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      • New Journey says:

        Yes and we must visit the notion that she really doesn’t know you yet…she can only reveal her observations from what she sees and hears…personally from what I have heard you have a very healthy relationship with your mum…I wouldn’t call you a mommy’s boy at all…just a good hearted son who cares…..very nice….k


      • New Journey says:

        Yes you are….I like to think I have a good relationship with both my kids..miss them terrible but in all reality I didn’t see them that much when I lived there…my son would drop by a couple times a month to say hello for 5 minutes…and we would do lunch…but it was nice to know they care….that’s all us ole birds ask for is that out babies come around once in a while and make nice….your mum sounds like a good person and I love that you share Archie….kat

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      • New Journey says:

        good for you…you should do a tasty Tuesday on making dog biscuts, really they are easy…do you have an oven ?? or do them at your mum’s…you can add herbs for the little beast breath…that’s what I do for mine mouth breather….I make her peanut butter biscuits with mint or parsley…helps some with the nasty breath…there are some great recipes on the internet…you just have to bake them and then let them dry out in a low oven…just a thought…might be a fun project to do with mum…kat

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      • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

        I do have an oven Kat so I shall investigate the dg biscuits further. I do have my next few Tasty Tuesday mapped out for me though by my friend who keeps on coming up with different healthy recipes she has seen in cookbooks and magazines. It’s like having my own researcher…!

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  6. lynne hoareau says:

    Cameron, great post. It seems as though your appointment went well, but it still bothers me how these people always have to bring our parents into the situation…..Anyway, whatever….I did have to chuckle though about the homework aspect… you are a last minute guy, that is cool, and I can relate to that. Good luck. 🙂 Always remember, you are doing great !

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