A Nip And A Tuck With Auntie

Good morning world and welcome to another weekend here on Planet Magnet. I hope you are enjoying your first weekend off since returning after the big break and I hope you have either lots planned or absolutely zero to do apart from catch up on the sleep you should have gotten during the festive break….

Rest and Recuperation.

It is really what the weekend was designed for.
Unfortunately for me I was actually called into action for a friend and required to put my mechanics skills to the test (the reason behind my late post today) but hopefully I shall be putting my feet up in a bit because yesterday was completely crazy….

And all because of the title of this post…..

So what is the title all about I hear you say?

Well yesterday I went to a Plastic Surgeon in Sloane Square in London, England. That was after going to see a Psychologist in Wimpole Street. But before running in Hyde Park in the dark, then running and lifting weights in the BBC Gym next to New Broadcasting House in London’s West End, then being interviewed on the fourth floor of Auntie’s main building…


It was a VERY busy day for sure, but before even starting all of the above, I went to the Oxford Bariatric Clinic for a meeting with my Dietician, Caroline.
The meeting with Caroline went well. She was very happy with how things were going and understood that although I had only lost a very small amount, I was still going in the right direction, given that it had just been Christmas and as such there were lots of food slip ups to be had and poor choices to be made.
She was also very pleased that I had surpassed my weight loss target from WLS and was glad to hear about my adding vegetables into my diet and understanding that I still am sensible with my portions trying not to over do it. Obviously the stomach they left me with after surgery will stretch a little as time goes by and I suppose that is why they need me to be staying on top of things at this stage because if I fall into my old bad habits, it will be only to easy to put weight back on.
This is a funny thing to have in the back of your mind all of the time, the fact that I could actually put weight on again even after surgery. Lets face it, it would be a pretty darn silly thing to do and a hugely cruel world if I were to do that to myself after I have come so far. BUT, the possibility and the feeling never goes. It’s like having a car that you love and drive but are always thinking what happens if you damage it, could you get it repaired again? It’s the same with me, if I put weight on, could I lose it again?

All very odd how the mind works for sure but we are not there at the moment so I figure I simply carry on with my current life and do my best to make sure it does not happen and if it does, nip it in the bud early!

After my appointment, it was a big rush to get out of the hospital and over to the train station to catch my train up to London Paddington (you know, where the bear was found 😉 ) where I was to meet the BBC reporter Adina Campbell and the film crew that would be doing all of the technical stuff for the day. I managed this but to be honest, only just because the train literally appeared on the platform as I arrived so I reckon someone must have been looking out for me!
Unfortunately, that was where the luck appeared to end because as the train costs were being covered by the BBC, I had to travel standard class which was a bit of an eye opener as I have not travelled on a train in standard class for many years, always opting to pay the little bit extra and travel in some peace and quite. Needless to say, by the time I arrived in London I had borne witness to some of the most dreadfully burning and loud mouthed conversations I think have ever taken place….

(Just so you know, I voiced these concerns with a couple of friends and am now being referred to as a First Class snob and a Princess. A bit strong if you ask me 😉 )

Upon arriving at Paddington, I made good my escape after which I found somewhere to get some hot food and a nice hot coffee to replenish my reserves. I had only just finished when Adina appeared and we went to meet the film crew who were waiting for us outside the station. In no time we were being whisked around the capital in a car with darkened rear windows looking all very surreptitious and spy-like. However, it wasn’t in a fancy stretch limousine or a undercover style van, no, it was in a Vauxhall Astra Estate…..


Our first port of call was to a Psychologist in Wimpole Street. A wonderful lady by the name of Dr Anu Sayal-Bennett who I think is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. She was an absolute sweetheart. Caring and attentive, genuine and friendly. First of all Adina did some filming with her and then I got to ask her a few questions whilst the film crew got some shots of me doing so as though we were in a consultation.
The main question I asked was why do I still feel that I need to turn to something for “escape” from feeling anger, pain or stress or the like, to which she answered it was very common to feel like this and it was usually as plain and simple as something being missing from my life. Perhaps it was affection, perhaps love, perhaps acknowledgement but definitely something that stops me from feeling 100% behind myself so that I can give myself a break from it.

After my time with Dr Anu, I was put back in the car and taken across town to the office of a Consultant Plastic Surgeon by the name of Patrick Mallucci of the Cadogen Clinic of Sloane Street (an extremely posh part of London for those who don’t know…) We rang the doorbell and were greeted by a very well preserved and pneumatic blonde of whom I have to say I wasn’t sure if she was startled or pleased to see us as the difference between the two expressions couldn’t actually be determined. However, she was a very sweet lady and showed us all to the office where our appointment was set. We must have been quite a sight, four people lumbering through a busy clinic carrying cameras and lighting kit, bags and gym kits etc etc

Patrick it turned out was an old hand at the filming having worked with Embarrassing Bodies and Botched Up Bodies so it meant that we were off and running in no time with me “acting” in as much as I pretended to knock on the door and be welcomed by Patrick. We then went through a consultation where I was asked various questions after which it was time for the examination….

Uh oh!

Time for me to be filmed taking my shirt off. NOT my favourite thing to do at home even and here I was removing it in front of a camera….. So I manned up, took a deep breath removing my shirt as I did so and let the Consultant take a look.

And I was surprised because this was where the interesting stuff started as I was able to ask him some questions and actually get a medical opinion of my excess skin. It turns out that I still have quite a few kilo’s to lose before I should even consider surgery. Under examination he found that the upper part of my  midriff was still holding quite a bit of fat along with my sides and back. This means that I definitely do have extra weight to lose as I thought I did, even though I am over my 60% target.
BUT, that said, I will more than likely be a candidate for the Skin Augmentation surgery as there is deftly excess skin and there will be more once the weight loss is completely finished.
Fortunately Patrick didn’t feel the need to draw on me at any point but then those of you actually are brave enough to watch me topless in this piece will think it not too dissimilar to what is already there as I am currently covered in ink from my tattoos so I doubt there would have been much difference twixt the two had he actually got his marker pen out….. 😉

So you would think at this point my life could not get any more embarrassing than being filmed without a shirt.
No, worse was yet to come.

I was due to be filmed whilst running.

Yes, that is right.


So as Adina did a piece with Patrick the Surgeon, I changed into my gym kit, complete with a very smart HENRY T Shirt and we were soon ready to go to the beautiful Hyde Park and get filming. By the time we got there, we had actually “lost the light” (it had got dark 😉 ) but the camera crew were still keen for me to run.
But first they wanted me warming up.


Now I haven’t done any stretching on my own for years, always being accompanied and instructed whenever I attempt it, yet here I was being filmed doing the very thing I am clueless at. I have no idea what I looked like but it will no doubt be far from graceful and certainly not that good for the public to watch….. More like an Elephant attempting ballet rather than a Swan taking flight….
Mind you, there was one good shot. As I stretched, another runner ran between me and the camera giving a piece of film that I personally thought made for a very good shot not only creatively but because it also took the onus from myself being the entire subject of the filming. Anyway, I was soon being asked to run. But because the light was fading, the cameraman wanted to film me from several different places.

Not a problem I thought.

Yeah right.

He failed to say that I was required to run the same two hundred yards to a signpost up the road each time he wanted some VT.


So he could get a frontal shot.

I was absolutely battered.
It was only a couple of degrees in temperature when we started.
I was only wearing shorts and a thin T Shirt.
I was cold.
BUT not for long because by the time I had finished I was a good deal warmer for sure…. 🙂
Then would you believe it, after all of this, Adina and the cameraman weren’t entirely happy with the film we had managed to capture so we went back into the West End of London and to New Broadcasting House and I once again found myself in a Gym being filmed as I worked out.
Why do the BBC have to have their own Gym around the corner from their studios?
Ordinarily I would not even have an opinion about this but last night I have to confess I felt it was totally uncalled for, especially when Adina’s press pass worked and we were able to get in 😦

This meant more running for Cameron.

And some weight training.

Would this torture never end?

Finally they got what they wanted. The running training was in the can. The weight training (only done so we could show the HENRY T Shirt) was in the can.
And I felt like I should be put in a can.

BUT it wasn’t completely over yet.

We still had even MORE filming to do!

So we headed for the main BBC building and took ourselves up to the fourth floor where there are specific areas where reporters can do their “Piece to Camera” and interview old hands like myself 😉


Adina does a piece to camera

Whilst I was waiting for Adina to complete her filming, I took the opportunity to look around as was able to see them filming The One Show below me.


Dodgems on The One Show

Soon it was time for me to play the star and once the lighting was set, the microphones fitted and the camera placed with Adina set to interview me firmly bringing home the crux of the story which was all about the fact that the NHS (our local health authorities) do not pay for the plastic surgery after Weight Loss Surgery invariably leaves patients with excess skin.
Now it was time for me to offer my opinion and say what I felt about the situation and how I felt about my excess skin now and my soon to be expected increase in the wobbly bits that Patrick Mallucci had been examining earlier.
I gave my thoughts putting them as wisely, as openly and as honestly as possibly could. I said that prior to having Weight Loss Surgery I knew there would be a good chance of excess skin after losing a massive amount of weight so quickly but I had felt that being healthy and living longer was more important than looking good.

But now?

Well I still feel the same but I now know 100% that if I am ever in a position to have the surgery performed at a price I can afford, I most definitely will but with a cost of upwards of £20,000 I figure until then, I shall simply keep my shirt on….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

P.S Don’t forget to donate to HENRY with my Just Giving button .

14 thoughts on “A Nip And A Tuck With Auntie

  1. rachaelxoxo says:

    Love, love, loved this post!

    You sounded particularly British here—there was something whimsical about your writing here that was very proper and English… at least in the eyes of this American! Ha!


    I also loved this post because of what you’re talking about at the crux of the matter…

    I have been losing my weight with the help of Weight Watchers, so mine’s come off slower than yours, but I, too, have excess skin, and the removal’s not covered by my health insurance company either because it’s “cosmetic.” They would’ve happily paid for me to have WLS, and they offer to pay for Weight Watchers, too, but not the surgery to correct the loose skin that comes with losing all this weight… go figure.

    And yes—I admit that my loose skin bothers me a great deal because of vanity… But I also know that as I continue to inch closer to my goal and lose the next 70-some-odd pounds I need to do so to get there, the loose skin is going to get worse and I am going to run into other problems… Like sores and infections.

    I think it’s a shame that this sort of thing isn’t covered—and I wish it was!

    I hope your speaking out about this helps things along in your neck of the woods! I think I’m about out of luck over here… I’ll just have to save my pennies for surgery!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you!
      I am not aware of my accent but I know what you mean. We can be terribly British when we choose…!
      The cosmetic side of the surgery really is an issue and I am sure that mine will be more an issue as the pounds drop off but as the surgeon said, there is little point in attempting any kind of corrective augmentation until the entire amount is off.
      A problem we have to bear until the time is right and a first world problem if we are honest because with each pound that drops, we become healthier and healthier….!


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      It was a busy day for sure and yesterday matched it almost equally so today I am resting…..
      Mere mortal travel is VERY overrated 😉
      I believe the piece will be shown on Monday or Tuesday of this coming week although I have no idea which day as it hasn’t yet been scheduled.
      I am not sure if it is simply South or is nationwide. Hopefully the latter but I will post as soon as I know.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Osyth says:

    Loveeeeee – you sound like a total diva in much of this. Which is good. This means you are subconsciously donning the mantle of the star that you will surely become – don’t forget to toss the dross down here a crumb or two from time to time 😉 Seriously – this is brilliant, absolutely brilliant and I look forward to seeing the results when they are broadcast. You are really getting that message out there and that was a goal at the beginning of last year, I seem to remember 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Dahling! You are sooo right 😉
      Of course I will remember all of you when I finally hit the big time… Yeah right!
      Am pleased to be doing something so early in the year and I just hop that it leads to more and more exposure for me and the cause.
      Thats all I can keep doing at the moment.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. jncthedc says:

    Quality and life longevity outweigh LESS aesthetic conditions like hanging skin, DEFINITELY!!
    That was quite a post. You keep running around like that and you won’t have to work on losing weight; it will be the natural outcome of such a lifestyle.
    With all the excitement, I do hope you search for those “missing pieces” to help complete your puzzle. Helping others is a very noble undertaking; completing one’s life in the process adds meaning, value and happiness. I believe in you my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you Doc. If I am honest the thing I think that is missing is intimacy with a special lady. I get nearly everything I want from everyone around me. I have a full heart and a full life that I am beginning to love more and more along with an appreciation of my life. I just need someone I can share it with as a partnership. There is a lady but it is not that kind of relationship so for now I shall just relax and try to go with the flow and not over think everything.
      Time is a wonderful thing.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. New Journey says:

    Well, Well my Scottish friend…you really did sound like a true Brit in this piece…..really good post…your are an ambassador for weight loss and doing a great job…and there is nothing wrong with being a first class snob!!! If I could pay for the upgrade all the time I would too!!! but sometimes you just have to get down in the gutter with the real people….LOL as for a princess…I disagree….it doesn’t fit with the manly Scotsman I have made you out to be in my mind…LOL The surgeon was quite a looker….was he as handsome in person as he was in his pictures…LOL inquiring minds want to know…LOL so happy that you are getting this opportunity….and how wonderful to get to really talk with the Doctors and get to ask your own questions, not something they had on a card….wow last thing I ever would of though of was running in Hyde Park when I was in London, I stayed in a hotel across from the park, I walked through it but exercise…Please!!! LOL please do remember us peasants down here in the valley when you reach the stars….remember to throw us a crumb or two……so excited for you my friend…..and that special someone will happen….when you least expect it too!! hugs to you Kat

    Liked by 1 person

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