A Second Genuine Request To Read And Act NOW!

Good Morning World and a Happy Friday to you all!

Welcome to another day here on Planet Magnet and I hope this day finds you as equally happy, optimistic and as ready to go as it finds me. Today will see me experiencing quite an exciting day starting slowly with an appointment at the Churchill Hospital to monitor and give me a check up then ramping up as I travel up to Sloane Square in London, England to meet a plastic surgeon in order do some filming about excess skin after weight loss. This as ever is with Adina Campbell the BBC reporter so be sure to tune in tomorrow for more of that.

As you guys all know by now I spend my days writing nonsense in a bid to entertain, inspire and educate all who drop by this blog for a quick snoop at what is going on in my world. Some days the posts are funnier than others. Some days they are more poignant than other but regardless of this it is always just me and my keyboard coming up with whatever new idea I happen to have buzzing around my head at the time.

I don’t wish to sound like a martyr (oh woe is me for I am down trodden and always put myself last 😉 ) but as you know I get no financial gain from any of this enterprise and I do it simply because I love to share and want to help. I love the fact that people consider me an inspiration – you have no idea how this makes a person (who was once called a failure) smile at the thought that he is making a difference and it is this inspiration that I need you all to help me with today.
So now I suppose it’s time that I ask the same of you as I did last time I called you all to arms. I really do need to implore you to find it in your hearts to reblog this post, to retweet this tweet or to re Facebook this Facebook thing….

I need as many people to read about the HENRY charity as possible and I need as many people to read about my journey over the past year and what I plan to do this year. HENRY is the charity that I am raising for and a mighty fine charity but let us be honest (and I know this sounds very full of myself even though I do not mean to) people will be buying in to me. I will be their motivation the same as anyone else who has lost weight can be the motivation for others to have the interests piqued. But we need as much coverage as we can possibly get because the bigger we make this event, the better we can make it, and the more hoopla surrounding it then the more notice people will take of the charity and hopefully lead to an increase in the money we raise for the worthy cause.
I know the chances of this next paragraph ever happening but I shall say it anyway. If everyone I am friends with on FB would give me a £10 pledge than that would be £2520 from FB friends alone and if everyone who followed this blog of mine gave £10 that would be £5630. Add to that the Twitterati and it approaches nearly £9k on those figures alone. Yes I know that some would be on all listed but as an exercise it simply goes to show how quickly a target of £10,000 could become achievable.
After all it’s for a good cause and is only being undertaken in a bid to help some others NOT to follow in my footsteps and get into the terrible health related predicament that I found myself in where surgery was the only option.
I want children to grow up healthy and not to make the choices that I made. I want them to learn a lifestyle that does not lead to poor self esteem, a lack of mobility and all of the other obesity related diseases and if that means me walking for 10 days then I think that is a small price to pay, don’t you?

So on to yesterday and my second meeting with the charity HENRY for whom I shall be raising funds by walking both the Ridgeway and Hadrian’s Wall, back to back, in June of this year. It is a total of 170 miles or 300,000 yards which I think you must all agree is a MAJOR improvement on last year when I could walk no more than 30 yards without being in severe pain….
The meeting itself went very well with us agreeing on many of the points that were raised such as inviting local school children to each part of the trail so that they might walk alongside me and get some the outdoors time that is sadly lacking in todays lifestyle. We agreed that it would be a good idea for us to contact the schools first but under the umbrella of the charity and for me to go in and talk to the smaller children about the walk and how much fun it would be. I will of course need to touch on how eating poorly as a child can really affect your life in the future, but I don’t want to scar them…. We have also decided that there will need to be as massive a media coverage as we can ALL muster in order to get the message out to as much of the world as we possibly can. Don’t forget, just because the charity is UK based doesn’t mean it’s message is not worldwide.
This is another place where you may be able to help out. We need people to tweet and retweet all over the world. We have to try to get anyone that we know to do the same in the hope that we may start to “trend” as something like #WBFMhenry (?) or some such (nothing has been decided as yet). Obviously these are all spit balled ideas and any help that you may be able to give with the “putting in to practise” would be greatly appreciated.
We also agreed that we will be needing many helpers along the way and we must not forget that they will be required on both the Southern and Northern walks so again if you are willing to help or know anyone who is willing to do likewise that would be great. I am also going to be looking to companies for sponsorship of the expenses of fuel costs, camping equipment costs, support vehicle hire, medical coverage, etc etc…. The list can be considered to go on but with an opportunity such as this it would be a great shame not make the most of it.

However, it does appear that at least 90% of the above organisation now comes down to myself and my friend to arrange so I ask again if you have any great ideas yourself that could be worked into the whole affair or know any companies who would be willing to provide help in order for us to manage the walks in a much more professional manner then please step forward and let yourselves be know.
Also, if you would like to walk part of the trip or all of the trip, don’t forget everyone is welcome to join us because I figure the more people walking, the merrier the days will be.

So in conclusion for today, all that needs to be added is we can do all of the above if we put our minds to it and if we pull together. We can make a difference if we all try to reach the same goal and if that goal takes a little extra effort from us all, don’t you think the cause is entirely worth it…?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

15 thoughts on “A Second Genuine Request To Read And Act NOW!

  1. jncthedc says:

    I would encourage you to get permission from business and organizations willing to contribute as well as individual contributors and post this information to help legitimize the events and to show contributions coming in. This, often, helps those on the sideline make up their mind to become involved and/or contribute themselves. Good luck with this worthwhile effort!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    As Jonathan just mentioned local business and possible radio and tv will plug it for charity…how about approaching the bill board companies…maybe they would have a blank bill board that they could put something up on…I love that your going to go into the schools and speak with the kids…that’s a powerful audience and I am sure you with your great personality will reach many of them.. will Henry have any pamphlets to hand out to the kids on healthy eating to share with there parents, also sometimes the magic of seeing how much sugar is in a soda verses just telling them…did you eve get a response back from Jamie Oliver’s camp???? and of course last my definitely not least, I do believe you have just become an Ambassador of Healthy Eating!!….My OH My….I am rubbing elbows with the elite am I not!!? You are a good man, no doubt about that my friend!!!! hugs…kat


    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hi Janell, so very kind of you to ask. There is actually a JUST GIVING button at the right hand side of the page so it is as simple as clicking that. I really this I should be highlighting this in a post as I did not do that very well in this one!!
      As for supporting the event it is pretty much direct contact and whatever anyone feels they are able to offer to do. For example if there is someone in your neck of the woods who has great skills in doing this kind of thing then I would be only too happy for them to be come involved. Lets not forget, the world is such a small place nowadays with the vastness of the internet bringing all four corners of the globe together is so much easier.
      I shall leave all to you 🙂


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