Feeling Fat But Getting Smaller


Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet. I trust today sees you over the hump (alleged) that was yesterday and still fighting fit and backing the New Years resolutions whip that you made for yourself during your over indulgences over the holiday period…. Today for me shall be a short post and a if I am honest, I little bit of a moan because for me, today finds me a little confused and annoyed.


What? Cameron?


This is because my weight loss has slowed down dramatically over the past month to six weeks and if I am honest I have started to “feel a little fat” (even though they reckon fat is NOT a feeling however much I think I feel it….) which is weird because I know I am still getting smaller…!

Yes, I know I may have occasionally over indulged during Christmas. Yes, I know I ate some extra chocolate and other treats, but the weird thing is I still lost weight taking me down below the magical 17stone mark to 16stone 11lbs, which is very pleasing because it is a number I have not seen for over 20 years!
I also know I have continued to “shrink” because the blue jacket I bought for the Christening and the posh Car Show in September is now too big by far. In fact last night I put it on over a shirt and a sweater only to find that where as when I first wore it with only a shirt, the buttons did meet at the front but were a little tight (even if I say so myself) But last night they overlapped by a good two inches which is weird as I say because I don’t really think I have lost that much weight since then…!

So why do I feel fat today?

Well it is a most odd feeling because I have not been this slim in many years yet my tummy feels like it is sticking out farther than it has done in months with a total Monsieur Creosote “F*@k Off, I’m full” feeling. So therefore I am struggling to understand why my tummy feels bigger yet I am still losing weight. Maybe it has been my over indulgence that has left me feeling this way. Maybe it is a simple “feeling” as I began this post with, but I know one thing for sure it is a feeling that I do not like and plan to counteract it as soon as I can by continuing with my healthy eating regime, the gym workouts and my walking schedule. Hopefully this everlasting cold will get gone soon and I can return to a much higher intensity of expending energy…!

So I shall continue with my new vegetable eating (I know! What am I like?!) dietary change, continue to eat only low fat proteins, keep bread away from my lips as much as possible, end my Christmas biscuit allowance and finally take the plunge of no more Lattes or milk based coffee drinks. It will be Americano all the way from now on as I save the body from all of the pointless fats and calories that are hidden in these drinks I love so much. I was going to try to give up caffeine but I drank a Decaf Latte the other day and found it may as well have been plain milk for all the flavour it had in it!

With this in mind, I am most definitely of the belief that I should be allowed at least one continuing vice don’t you? After all, I don’t drink, smoke, eat junk food, take drugs or do anything that may impact on my new healthy lifestyle so lest Magnet becomes a dull boy (or even more dull than he already is 😉 ) I will continue to indulge in a cup of Java when the notion takes….


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

37 thoughts on “Feeling Fat But Getting Smaller

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    I refuse to give up my coffee drinks! In fact, two employees of Starbucks were asking me where I’ve been over the past couple of days – ha! The ones I drink are about 120-140 calories depending and with the protein in the milk I convince myself it is healthy – just saying.

    I have those feeling fat days myself. They are terribly frustrating and surprising when they sneak up on you. In my head I know nothing has changed with my weight or size to make me feel that way, but still can’t shake it. I imagine it is just our old habits and thoughts that creep back in. Just remind yourself that you are wonderful, healthier and way smaller than you used to be and tell that fat feeling to shut it!

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  2. merewoman says:

    Snap. It is very frustrating. The scales tell you that your weight has diminished. Your clothes have become loose. You know you are slimmer and lighter than you were, but you don’t feel it.

    I definitely get that feeling when I overdo the refined carbs, which are very bloating (and addictive).

    Onwards and downwards. 🙂

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  3. Amanda says:

    I totally get where you are “feeling fat”. I’m there too after the Hilidaya. I finally got the 2 lbs I gained over Christmas off and am at my lowest but I too feel like my stomach is poking out. Like my husband said to me though, looks like I’m losing ‘width’ so it just SEEMS like the belly part is bigger. Maybe. Might be the case for you too. I hope your cold goes to the wayside soon so you can get back into your routine – you’re going to rock it dont worry!

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I hope so Amanda. I am feeling better day on day but having just got home after a days running about (5pm) my legs are tired and all I want to do is have a lay down but I have too much to do….!
      As for my weight I am hoping that it is related to the food I have been eating that may have bloated me out a little but I am having to wait a few days whilst the Carb coma passes….!

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  4. Osyth says:

    My daughter puts that fat feeling entirely down to gluten and bloating …. and body dismorphia which she and I both suffer from. For me it is not gluten but sugar that makes me feel instantly fat – I’m not sure how much of that is guilt and how much real though. But on another note – congratubluddylations at being under the 17 mark – remind me what your target weight is though would you? So I can cheer you on from the land of cheerleaders 😀

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Well my gorgeous cheerleading leader, my target weight is 14 stone and I hope to be there by the time of the walk. However, if I am not, then I will not mind because it can take up to three years to meet the target weight and 14 stone was a number I have not been for probably nearly 30 years…!
      I think I shall reduce my sugar intake (although it isn’t that bad) and end my carb buying at the supermarket and see how that improves me.
      There has to be a reason for it… right?

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  5. jncthedc says:

    Life, my good friend, does not exist on a linear plane. Life is a sinusoidal wave. The goal is to flatten this wave minimizing fluctuations. You did remarkably well through the holidays where most people gain significant weight they NEVER fully lose. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Go make yourself a checklist. Categories (for example) could include: 1. Good food choices, 2. Exercise, 3. Hydration, 4. Stress reduction, 5.Restful sleep, 6. Social interactions (family and friends) When life appears to be moving out of balance, refer back to your checklist and see what aspects need modifying. We are not computers or robots; we are humans and we “descend” from heavenly patterns of behavior as part of our make up and constitution. This is called NORMAL! Redirect, refocus and find the pathway back to the course you choose to live. That course can ALWAYS be found regardless of the distractions that may blur your vision. Get healthy, look forward to tomorrow’s opportunities and enjoy life to its fullest.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I am never ceased to be amazed by your generosity Doc, I love the fact that you take time to write in my comments and the words you write are never banal or trite but thoughtful and resonant.
      I love this idea of a list that I simply check myself against. I will most definitely put it into practise and when I start to doubt my achievement or current wellbeing, I shall use it to bring me back to reality.
      Thank you.

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  6. New Journey says:

    remember its winter….we are suppose to fatten up and hibernate with the cold months….our bodies react to the cold, wet weather, self preservation for the most part…your doing great…I know I gained some weight with the holidays, the popcorn drizzled with caramel and chocolate that I was addicted to, broke that bad boy habit!! So just remember its all about small steps to success, your doing fantastic..I am down 2 sizes and am still buying to big of clothes…LOL its all a learning thing…I can’t believe I can get into them so I buy bigger…spring will be here before you know and your body will react in a totally different manner…..:))))

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Very wise words Kat. I agree that we get into a storage mode with winter and so I shall look forward to my body changing back again as the better weather comes along.
      Well done you on being down two sizes, thats awesome. We both just need to carry this on and be firm with ourselves.
      We CAN do it!!


  7. lynne hoareau says:

    Hey there, well I hope your cold has gone by now and that you are feeling better. From what I have read, you are doing great. I also heard that the slower the weight comes off, the better, as it will stay off. You seem to be eating okay. I am no expert at all, and you probably know all this anyway, and I hope you don’t mind my input, but there are a few things I believe can assist with weight loss, no sugar intake, dairy, and no carbs at dinner time. Loads of water and exercise (which you are doing) I am sure your new veggie regime will help as well….it is tough, but hang in there. You are doing great ! 🙂

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  8. Amanda says:

    Oh my gosh I can relate SO much to this post! I’m in that very same predicament myself, Cameron. I absolutely feel fat. Even though the scale has slowed for me too, and even knowing I’ve lost many inches, still, I feel bigger and blah! Numbers on the scale have SO much impact on our mentality I think-more than they should. Maybe one day we won’t rely so heavily on those and just be happy with what we see in the mirrors and in our eyes. Soon, for both of us, I hope…

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