Resuming Proper Posting Duties

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in once more to the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet.
I trust today finds you well on the first “Hump Day” of the year and you are remembering to treat it the same as any other day and not give in to it’s mystical life sapping properties….

So what are we about today?

Well I think today, as it is the first day without all of those bloody drummers and pipers, leaping lords and milking maidens along with a cart full of poultry, I figure we get a return to normality and start as we mean to go on which in Magnetland means starting to get back into a sensible morning posting regime, followed by a dog walk and the gym. Once this has been completed it is usually time for a sensible lunch leaving me the afternoon free to once more start my creative juices flowing and get some sensible writing time in without disturbances from external influences, you know, like taking a nap or reading someone else’s book which is all VERY important stuff 😉 This is being worked towards and will be implemented by this coming Monday… or at least thats the plan…

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