Twas The Night Before Christmas…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Well it is nearly here, the big day, they day when parents of young children are preparing to be forced to rise FAR too early to play with presents brought by Santa, when the chef’s of this world will do their last minute preparations and when all and sundry who are not as organised as the rest of us, will be forced into making ill advised present choices from Petrol Station Forecourts….

To that end, I will be posting one of my favourite Christmas poems for your delight as there isn’t much else to talk about here on Planet Magnet.

Sure I shall be going to the gym (not true) sure I shall be walking around the shops trying not to bump into people with spatial awareness issues as I finish off all of my last minute pre Christmas preparations (true) and sure I shall be watching a Christmas movie or two…. (also true) 😉

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