A Little Christmas Miracle….

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Not a great deal to report today apart from the fact that yesterday I ate Cauliflower Cheese and a Roasted Parsnip. A Christmas miracle indeed because I have never wanted to eat Cauliflower before in my life!

The wonders will never cease.

What is happening to me, and how did it happen?

Well yesterday I took mum out for lunch as it was her birthday. Lunch was at a friends Gastro Pub by the name of The Star Inn situated in Sparsholt near Wantage, a pub that has been getting rave reviews and rightly so because the food is amazing. After perusing the menu I plumped for the venison. It arrived on a bed of Curly Kale with a Roasted Parsnip on top, three Roast Potatoes surrounded this and at the edge of the plate was the Cauliflower with some cheese sauce and cheese atop it. Not a great deal but enough to give it flavour.

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