The Awesomeness Continues…

Yes! That is correct, you read that right, the awesomeness continues.

Whose awesomeness I hear you ask?

Well I shall give you a little hint.

It’s ME!!

Good morning world and welcome to another weekend here on Planet Magnet. I trust this Saturday finds you well and enjoying your down time (should you be allowed any…. I only say that because it doesn’t look good for me…. 😉 ) and are looking forward to a weekend of top relaxing action and fun.

So what’s all this about my awesomeness?

Well, this morning I continued to help my friend out at the house that is being refurbished and then this afternoon, even though I was tired, I walked the dog at a good lick of speed and then followed that up with my third trip to the Gym this week even though the shoulder blade pain is starting to creep back in. Once again I did my interval running training, TRX, Kettle Bells and Mat Work and followed all of this up with another trip back to the place that appears to consume most of my time at present 😉  But after a relatively quick tidy up, I was back at home and cooking food for the next few days.

I think that from this we can only assume I really am truly awesome.


This morning I was on the radio being interviewed by a station known as BBC Berkshire. The link is here and I would start the playback at 2.11.59 if you are not too bothered about hearing the rest of the interview. I am not actually sure if this is another “Geo Blocked” broadcast so if it is, please bear with me and I shall get a recording of it on my Media section under the heading They Get Everywhere….

So how did it happen?

Well this morning I was walking through the house when I received a call from BBC Radio Berkshire and was grilled for a few minutes by a researcher about my story. This was then followed up with the classic “Would you mind just talking to the presenter and telling him just what you told me” “Of course” I reply and the next thing is I am live on air.

The reason for the radio interview was because they wanted to hear about my story. The reason the wanted to hear about my story was because a Professor has announced that Obesity is as dangerous to the UK as a terror threat! This I feel is over egging the pudding somewhat but certainly the epidemic is something that needs to be looked at seriously. How amazing then if at the end of the interview, the guy who is interviewing me comes out with the most incredible line “Losing weight I think is one of the easiest things you can do”


Who is this guy?

Does he live in cloud cuckoo land? If losing weight was so easy there would be no obesity epidemic in this country or any other for that matter. What a class one buffoon. I’m afraid to say that as soon as they interview was finished I was handed back to the researcher who simply said thank you and goodbye so I was unable to listen any further.

If losing weight were that easy I would not have had to to live the way I did for 15 years. If losing weight were that easy I would never have had to have a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy.

To be honest I am in shock at the statement he made. I am also a little annoyed because they wanted to talk to me, not the other way around and then when they had the opportunity, the guy who was interviewing didn’t really appear to know what was going on. To be honest, if I had known he was going to follow up the interview with such a banal story about his stomach upset leading to his weight loss and then followed that up with the ridiculous thought that weight loss is easy, I would never have spoken to them.

For this I am sorry guys, I did not mean to undermine the effort that all of you guys and myself put into changing our lifestyles.

Maybe next time I shall ask what the interviewers thoughts are before I agree to talking to them because if I had known then what I know now, I would have told them to take a run and jump!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

33 thoughts on “The Awesomeness Continues…

  1. merewoman says:

    I suspect the interviewer has never needed to try to lose weight.

    It MAY be easy for people who are overweight simply because they overeat. They only have to reduce their intake and move more to shed the pounds. With volition and will-power and a lifelong commitment, they can get and keep their weight down.

    Overweight caused by a medical condition is an entirely different proposition. While not being obese, I am somewhat overweight by today’s standards. One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is much increased appetite and much reduced energy levels. The body’s metabolism is all over the place. That in itself is a problem, but even by reducing food intake drastically, it is still very difficult to reduce weight.

    The interviewer was not only insensitive, but unqualified to discuss the topic. I can fully understand your indignation.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you for your input. You write very honestly and openly and I appreciate that.
      The interviewer was a total buffoon to say what he said. He should never have commented because there are so many more reasons behind this kind of weight issues than a man such as he could ever understand.


  2. New Journey says:

    Well I can’t find your radio interview….there was a blip on there about Heathrow air port but I heard you…..who did the interview…..and I am still smiling from the title of your post…and yes you are Awesome!!! so happy your spirits are high and your doing fantastic….think how much better you will feel with a belly full of vegies….LOL kat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Really? It is on there and it is also on the Media page Kat so it is exactly at the correct point to start.
      Thank you for agreeing with my awesomeness…. 😉
      I am investigating new veggies as a new past time so I hope that my friend comes up with another delightful choice to improve my vegetable repertoire further….


  3. Lynz Real Cooking says:

    My daughter had surgery as a baby and almost died! It was 3 months of the scariest time of my life. she ended up having a kidney birth defect! I had two other small kids, it was very stressful to say the least! After this huge ordeal and they removed part of her kidney and months of medicine etc. we went home! They called to have her in this journal for the hospital. I agreed, The idea was to be about their satellite unit of the hospital and how our ordeal went, how it was for our family, how she was doing etc. Well anyway I was so mad it was not at all what they told me and they wrote things I did not say!! They were quoting the dr. and I and said things that we never said!!!It minimized the trauma we all went through and was more of an advertisement that we were fit into!! I decided never again!! So I think they just fit people into a story many times!!!

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  4. jsackmom says:

    An awesome day indeed! Congratulations on the radio interview sorry you had a banal and blatant comment like that. In my opinion it’s never easy to lose weight, it’s easier to lose yourself and then gain the weight. I’ve worked really hard to lose the 30 lbs (pardon me I don’t know the Kgs) I gained with stuffing my feelings down with wine and cake. It’s my job as a fitness coach to help people get healthy. Kudos to you on your accomplishments and your future goal. 😃

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