Collecting My Gold Stars

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening to everyone here on Planet Earth and welcome once again to Planet Magnet.

Once again I am late when I said I would make a concerted effort to be early, once again I have been running around doing everything (mostly for me to be fair) bar thinking of writing todays post and so once again, here I am, caught out at the eleventh hour trying to write something of value and worth without the fear or angst that usually accompanies good prose (not that I am saying I have ever written any… 😉 )

So, to my title.

If there were gold stars handed out for getting things done, I reckon I would have gotten a complete chestful by now (I was thinking my chest and not a wooden storage one) but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were enough for both such are the positive results I have been bringing in.

This morning I walked the dog and helped a friend through a tough conversation, then I did some chores for another friend and collected my new Toaster and Kettle ALL before I had even had my breakfast – which is probably just as well because I needed my new appliances and in order to make my breakfast…!

Just hanging around the small appliances section for a while, I am really not one who desires very much at all these days, but when I saw the new SMEG range of kitchen appliances, I just knew I had to own the Toaster and the Kettle because that would mean I would match my Fridge Freezer, Dishwasher and Washing Machine. I hate being a terrible bore and name dropping the brand of my kitchen equipment but this retro look kit is really top of the league for me so I struggle to remain rational when it comes to these kinds of purchases. I can pretty much curtail my spending by talking myself very quickly in and out of the objects of desire but on this occasion I failed miserably.

Sorry to all non consumers out there.

I shall learn to be much more stoic in my resolve towards getting on the band wagon of buying things.

Anyhow, thats the story of the Kettle and Toaster, as exciting as it can ever be….

More importantly however, I went to the Gym this afternoon and repeated my routine along with the running training. I am really enjoy the TRX and the Kettle Bells and plan on keeping this simple one set routine until the new year but I am still amazed at how much I am enjoying that 5 minutes of running training where I am not really having to push myself to do it each time I go, even if I am a little wary of the impact on my knee with each step so I think a gentle foray into the world of running is quite possibly the way forward.

So all in all, another busy day running around dealing with things coming directly after a busy day doing likewise yesterday has made me quite tired. To that end, I have to confess that as I was writing this I actually fell asleep at this desk, mid sentence and was only awoken because the doorbell rang by someone who has come round to my house to cook my dinner. I am a lucky chap indeed….!

That’s all for today folks, the grey matter is fried and I am now struggling to actually get the correct words out when writing or speaking so I shall thank you all for reading this summary of my day and bid you all adieu…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

11 thoughts on “Collecting My Gold Stars

  1. Osyth says:

    I know little in life that is more exciting than a new appliance and share your glee at the Smeg (she titters quietly to self whilst remeniscing on Red Dwarf 😉 ) …. stay busy and I look forward to a post about tea and toast very soon 😀

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  2. New Journey says:

    Wow what a busy boy!!! I thought I was busy…you have me beat hands down!!! I love the SMEG brand…I went and looked around there web site….I love they call them, Small Domestic Appliances….sounds like they are selling different breads of animals..LOL I like the retro look…I have an old style percolator for my coffee and love the look on my counter….so share away….keep up the good work my friend…. I have yet to get back to the gym….seems I am going form before the sun comes up to sunset and then I am in bed by 8p since my arse is up at 4a…..can’t seem to turn off the brain…to much going on I am guessing….I have list made out so that is helping my brain relax a little…but mostly I am the kind when I know I am going to do something, I just want to do it now and get on with it…we Christmas, that little holiday is definitely putting a wrench in the wheel…LOL so just cooling my jets and packing all around the kitchen and living room area…LOL have been interviewing moving companies so that keeps me busy juggling them….we will make that decision on Friday so that will help to have that done…well I am rambling, its 6a and I am just having my first cup of java…keep on keeping on…sounds like you a busy man these days….kat

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I may be busy Kat, but I don’t think it is a patch on you!
      No wonder you are in bed by 8pm if you are up that early and packing so much in to the day!
      So are you moving lock stock and barrel to this new place or are you simply just moving a few pieces between both houses?
      I too love the retro look and am really pleased that you like them too. My friend called me an official Toaster and Kettle snob as I have changed from standard brands to Dualit to this latest Smeg versions. I don’t understand what she was talking about at first but with a little mulling over I now think she may be right!!!


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