Tasty Tuesday – Sweet, Spicy, Sloppy and Hot

Good evening world and thanks for tuning in to another recipe here on Planet Magnet.

Once again I am sorry I am a little late on parade but I’m afraid my total lack of organisation has once again interfered with my recipe planning and I didn’t get the ingredients until today then I was late getting started with the cooking!

Of course, as I cook I photograph all of my stages and once I had done that and loaded them up to this site, it was time to be on the move again so I was forced to leave the building without having added the words to all of my lovely photos…..

Still, we are here to set that straight now so let us delay no further and let me tell you how to make my latest invention –

Hot and Spicy Prawn Tomato Paella.

Sounds odd eh? Well trust me it tastes both better than it looks and it sounds because it tastes hot, spicy, sweet and wholesome all together in every mouthful. Okay, it doesn’t go into the oven once mixed together but stays on the hob to reduce and becomes just as infused with spice, heat and flavour,


  1. 4 Small Sweet Peppers – finely sliced
  2. 4 Cloves of Garlic – finely sliced
  3. 400gms Chopped Tomatoes with Garlic
  4. 300gms Cooked and Peeled Prawns
  5. Teaspoon Curry Powder
  6. Teaspoon Hot Smoked Paprika
  7. 200gms Basmati Rice
  8. 1 Large Red Chilli – finely sliced
  9. Teaspoon of Tomato Puree
  10. Teaspoon Chilli Powder
  11. Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
  12. Large Knob of Butter
  13. Large bag of Sofritto



Firstly take a knob of butter and melt in a large frying pan.


Add the Sofritto and season with Salt and Cracked Black Pepper.


Finely chop the Garlic and the Chilli.


Add a Teaspoon of Chilli Powder.


Then add the Garlic and the Chilli.


Followed by the Prawns.


Mix around and separate as much as possible.


Take the four Sweet Peppers


Take the tops off and then finely slice.


Add to the rest of the ingredients.


Followed by the tinned Tomatoes.


The Teaspoon of the Tomato Puree.


The Curry Powder.


And the Hot Smoked Paprika for a little extra bite.


Once these flavours have been infused into the mix, add the previously cooked Wholegrain Basmati Rice.


Stirring in well until the rice is starting to soak up the juices.


At which point put the lid on and leave for about 30 minutes on a low heat, stirring every now and then to insure no sticking.


And there you have the finished article. Doesn’t that look good AND red!


Serve as usual in a plain bowl.


Eh, Voila!

Now I know being very red and full of tomatoes, peppers and chilli’s this isn’t a normal Paellaย but because the rice does the same job as in the Spanishย dish, it simply seemed like the wisest choice of word to used when naming my latest creation!

Tasty, healthy and above all easy, why not give it a go yourself?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.



30 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Sweet, Spicy, Sloppy and Hot

  1. jncthedc says:

    I don’t want you to feel bad that I sat in front of my computer all night Tuesday waiting for your recipe to have dinner with it now being Wednesday evening (U.S. time). I always suggest to find the positive in life so…… my reduced calorie intake for Tuesday provided a few extra calories allotted for today! ๐Ÿ˜€

    What a great looking dish. Love the balance of nutrients, (likely aroma and taste,) and presentation. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sleeveforme22 says:

    I love spicy foods and they always leave me satisfied. Definitely trying this. Man, you are quite the cook Cameron!! A lady will hit the jackpot one day with you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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