Well I Did It!!

Hi guys, sorry it is so late getting my post out today, I have had such a busy day that this is literally the first moment I have had to myself where I can actually get to the computer to write something.

To that end, I am sure you are all very busy getting on with your day or are very sleepy and are putting your day to bed so I shall make this short and sweet.

What was it that I did?

Well, I went back to the gym and I got training again after a near four week lay off with that pain running from my neck down into my left scapula. The pain has abated enough to get back in the gym although there is obviously some muscle issue as there are constant pins and needles in the lower scapula to spine area and even the course of treatment from the Chiropractor didn’t end up solving it and when that comes to over £300 per month, it begins to stretch the purse strings somewhat.

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