Past Due

Good morning world, thanks for tuning in and catching up with the magnet.

Quick post today as I really need to be getting on. Yesterday I wrote about helping friends out and well, after following said post with a very busy day I am pleased to say that we have almost broken the back of the problem that currently faced us and we were able to walk away feeling as though things had been accomplished and progress made.

This made for a very relaxed evening and a very relaxed happy friend; and because I believe that putting a smile on a friends face is one of the best things we can possibly do in our lives, I was a happy chap too…

Today will be a less frantic day but busy none the less and shall bring to an end a very busy couple of weeks for me where I was very much back in the swing of multitasking and really keeping myself moving whilst completing tasks and giving myself mental gold stars and pats on the back for my incredible progress.

So as the chores and favours are slowing down and a suitable amount of time has passed allowing my neck and shoulder pain to calm down somewhat, I shall definitely be making a return to the Gym from tomorrow. This is something I am looking forward to doing and am well aware its a little past due given the fact I must have had about three or four weeks away by now. The only thing that has made this bearable is the fact that I was so busy keeping myself active I hope I shall not suffer too much when I return.

I plan on hitting my TRX and Kettle Bells along with some Mat work and adding in the running interval training which should be great fun to get back to doing.

Tune in again for a report on how things have gone and don’t forget we have a new recipe hitting the screen on Tuesday…… 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

13 thoughts on “Past Due

  1. New Journey says:

    I am hitting the pool this morning with my niece….she is 12 and I am pretty sure she is part mermaid…LOL so I am looking forward to that…then I will be at it tomorrow on the machines….glad the day ended well for you and your friend….she sounds like a lovely person….have a great day my friend….kat

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  2. jncthedc says:

    Nice to see a man who knows how to jump back on the horse when the time is right. Just remember to land gently as the posterior continues to heal. (LOL)

    Enjoy and prosper during your upcoming week!

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