I don’t think I need add anything to the content of this message.
I have been banging its drum for many a post now.
Very well written so please do give a read. I have never reblogged before but really feel this sums up a great deal of how Obesity is more than just a weight problem.

All About Healthy Choices


A wonderful blogger friend who is working hard and successfully re-balancing his life and achieving better health and happiness posted this photo of a business card. He was understandably angered by its content and “voiced” his concerns by writing an article. When I first read the words, my emotions were pulled in many directions. As I sat back and reflected on the situation, I began to realize the contentious purpose of this encounter.

As a physician, obesity is a topic I have discussed with many patients over the years. There are MANY reasons contributing to its rise in numbers in most countries.These may include: (1) physical, (2) emotional, (3) lack of education, (4) lack of financial resources.

Finding answers to this disease is critical for the welfare of EVERYONE. Sometimes “tough love” is used as an intervention to help recognize and overcome this condition. When this approach is used…

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