A Bit Of A Snafu….

Situation Normal, All Fu*&£d Up.

Well, last night I was cooking for Tasty Tuesday and that is where the problem started because I went ahead and got all of the ingredients, set about cooking and then found that there was a three and a half hour cooking time! And that was only on ONE of the ingredients!!


Well, to say it put the kibosh on it being posted to day would be an understatement. If I had have continued to cook last night, I would have ended up still stood in front of my hob and cooking at nearly One am.

I think I can be forgiven for not doing that….

So, that shall be posted tomorrow and instead today we bring you a quick report from my Doctors/Psychoanalysts visit yesterday.

I am SANE!

I know it is so crazy for anyone to think that but it looks like I have been given a clean bill of mental health.

What were the odds I wonder…!

Anyway, I walked into the Churchill Bariatric Centre yesterday afternoon a little late due to the traffic snarled along the main ring road around Oxford, but was seen almost immediately which was great as it meant that I would be given longer to get all of these random thoughts off of my chest.

Well after an hour I was done and the Doctor had listened to all of my woes, worries, concerns and thoughts however random they appeared to pop out of my head.

Suffice to say after a series of questions, he informed me that I am doing everything absolutely right as far as my lifestyle is concerned, I was correct to do something about the alcohol problem (in the form of stopping and and starting a course of Disulfiram – nausea inducing medication when taken with alcohol) and was pleased that I had started to address it. Unfortunately there is no magic cure for the change of the body not being met with an equal change of the mindset so it really is time and positive affirmation with me telling myself I am slim and I am still losing weight. I need to reinforce the facts and my mind will be more ready to catch up.

This is obviously something I will do over the coming months and I shall see him again in approximately three months so it will be almost a year on from surgery. This way we shall be able to determine if there are any residual issues that need working out because it was difficult to pin point any one issue I am currently having because at the moment I am in a good place. I am happy with life and all that it brings, I am happy with how I look at present and I am happy with how fulfilled I appear at this moment. My Zen like state will continue and as long as no one comes and upsets the apple cart and I shall go from strength to strength.

The Doctor really was very good, he covered all of the issues but found that I had already considered most of them. Obviously I can no longer really over eat plus I am not really inclined to do that anyway. I exercise (when the body allows – damned body!) and I am active. He told me that my socialising would grow and I would be more inclined to go out as time passes and not have to use alcohol as the crutch I once did.

To be honest, I left there yesterday realising that it is good to talk, to talk about anything at all. It puts perspective on anything we might be thinking about, it makes us understand it by vocalising it and it helps us deal with it by simply getting it off of our chests.

As for me, it must have worked because last night the traffic on the way home was that bad, a 25 minute journey took nearly three hours to complete yet I was still in a good mood when I arrived home to cook dinner for a friend and I, with her remarking that I was “on one” and asking why I was so upbeat.

So it turns out BT were right all along.

It’s good to talk.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

18 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Snafu….

  1. jncthedc says:

    I knew the medical report would be positive. I can tell you have come a long way. There will certainly be obstacles, but your new found strength and realization about what life has to offer will get you through. Congratulations my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    I always thought you were on the right track….but isn’t it nice to go over all the craziness going on in your head and find out they aren’t crazy but normal after all…keep up the good work Cameron….your a real inspiration to all of us on the weight loss train…and know that we will all have to be diligent on it for the rest of our lives and your also dealing with giving up a crutch (alcohol) not only is it had to give up a crutch of any kind you have used most of your adult lives but one that is hard to give up all by itself…drinking is such a social event…I am not a drinker, I don’t care for the feeling I get when I drink, however I used to smoke pot…it was my recreational drug…but gave that up after my sister passed and I caught myself on a terrible spiral downward and pot was contributing to some of it…I was eating and smoking to cover the pain and it wasn’t working….I lived in Alaska or a while and let me tell you….people can drink up there, not much else to so on the island other than work….I would bring a gallon on OJ and the bartender would just refill my glass with 7-up and OJ…I had just as much fun with out the buzz and woke up so much happier…LOL I am so happy that your MD visit went well and he confirmed how sane you really are….and all those thoughts were normal…..I didn’t have bariatric surgery but I have the same thoughts….its nice to know its normal…can’t wait for the tasty part of the week and you defiantly get a pass, who wants to be standing infront of the stove at 1am…….xxkat

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