A Bit Of A Scheduling Change

Good morning, afternoon, evening friends and thanks for once again tuning in to the words biggest fridge magnet.

Today being Tuesday I usually follow a new recipe and make a dish for my recipe section, but unfortunately that was not the case yesterday as I forget to get the ingredients!!

To that end it will be here tomorrow, if I get time today that is because I am due at the hospital for the bulk of the afternoon and still have my daily chores to accomplish.

Still that is the plan, so if it simply my recipe you want me for then you will have to come back tomorrow. If however you are an avid reader of all things magnet then please do continue reading as I ramble on about my life and the random things that happen along the way 😉

This afternoon I am as I have said, due at the hospital for a meeting with the Psychologist to discuss how all of this weight loss has affected my life so far.

Some you may may recall that over the past few weeks I have discussed that I have possibly been struggling to come to terms with my weight loss and I am concerned at how it has been affecting me mentally. I know to some people who are overweight and want to lose, or to some who have started the journey and want to be where I am that it may sound a trifle arse about face, possibly likening my problem to someone crying because they have won the lottery but there is honestly much more to it.

For example, I was walking across the driveway the other week and the sun cast a shadow in front of me. This shadow was tall and slim and totally at odds with what I am used seeing so I turned around quickly to see who was there but soon realising I was alone and that obviously it was my own shadow! I was stood on my own, yet my brain could not compute that part of the equation.

Another thing I do is when I am out clothes shopping I automatically look for 3XL or even better 3XLB in the sizes yet if I were to put any of those sized clothes on, they would drown me! I have to learn to look further down the standard size range at the Larges and Extra Larges. Even then however, amazingly all of these depend on the designer because in Hugo Boss I am a XXL but in Polo I am a Large – go figure! Still, a nice problem to have though….

I am also wanting to discuss the fact that I am worried about not going out as much and socialising due to not enjoying going out for meals as much, the fact I have felt the need to give up drinking (partly because I can no longer do it) so miss it quite a bit a present and finally because I feel totally at odds with my body size and how people view me.
I think I have also discussed before how people now look at me differently, or in fact, don’t tend to look at me at all in some cases because I am just Joe Average (apart from being a very handsome Joe Average of course…. Cough, Cough…. 😉 ) People are much more friendly as passing strangers than they ever were before and it almost confuses me because I don’t want to look as though I am ignoring them or unhappy, but in the same light, I really don’t want to walk around grinning like the Cheshire Cat because people will think I have a medical issue or some such.

So today we go to get some answers. Or at least I do because I am sure that I am not the only one who finds this can be a very confusing time for a Bariatric Weight Loss patient. A time that we have not been prepared for (although some might say simply be happy that you have the operation and have lost weight) and so really do not know how to deal with it because lets face it, the “go to move” of overeating has been taken away and unless we really set to it with a a vigour and extremely poor food choices, it will remain a non option. That said however, there are a great amount of people who have had surgeries and after three years start to pile the weight on again as their lifestyle fails around them. Could this be from a lack of psychological support? I do wonder, if so, I don’t plan on being another number for their statistics.

Let’s see what the Doctor says a bit later…

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


22 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Scheduling Change

  1. Emma says:

    Hi Cameron it does take the mind quite a while to catch up
    & although its stating the obvious that is a huge amount of change in a small time.
    I hope the appointment will make you feel supported.

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  2. sleeveforme22 says:

    I’m happy you are going. I’ve been seeing a therapist since the beginning and find it VERY important to my recovery and ongoing progress. Sometimes I wonder why I even go because I’m feeling so good but then after I leave I feel like I’ve identified something new or learned something new about myself that helps me. As you know the losing weight is the easier part, the harder part is the mental, emotional adjustments.

    I think anyone going through this can and will benefit by adding this crucial step as part of their recovery. Can’t wait to hear/read how your session goes and what morsels you walk away with!!

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I shall share for sure so watch this space!
      I too hope it ticks a few boxes for me although I am pretty sure it will just be the one session this time and a booking to go elsewhere for future sessions.
      I am glad it is helping you and you have identified certain things along the way. Here’s hoping we get to the bottom of mind versus body or should that be new body….!

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  3. jncthedc says:

    You are a smart chap. The norm has become a bigger (physically) population. Your approach to a new lifestyle is counter to this norm. I speak from experience. I never had weight issues, but have always stood apart from the average male. This, in no way, made me better; it just made me different. People do not know how to handle “different.” They are torn between appreciation of your success and envy of your success. I have found the “mirror” to be an important tool in guiding my life. As I stare into it, I ask myself if I am happy with what I see. This staring process sees much more deeply than the superficial physical being. I am my own judge and make certain my unbiased answer is based on a truth I believe in. We all experience depression without necessarily being diagnosed as depressed. This is part of being human. Creating a structural foundation based on good ethics and morals and creating strong walls based on self awareness and self development helps build the character of a person. Lifestyles simply reinforce or destroy the basis of our beliefs. The answers you seek can be found within yourself. A good therapist will help you discover how to locate these internal answers. Your concerns are very normal. Remember to focus on steps that move in a forward direction in life. The length of the stride will change as emotions change. The trick is to simply keep moving forward! Best of success my friend.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thank you so much. You are a very kind person yourself, you share some snippets of wisdom and offer sage advice. I shall get there at some point I am sure but for now I know that I grow stronger and stronger everyday and with the help I receive from all corners off my life I can only continue to do so.
      Thank you.

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  4. aschetler says:

    I’m glad you are giving this topic a platform… a voice, even if it’s just to us bloggers in cyberland! The psychological aspects that accompany any significant weight loss, let alone bariatric surgery, are often overlooked and not discussed. This is obviously an issue you’ve realized, and one I’ve seen as well! Today, we make sure that our surgery patients get a set amount of nutrition counseling visits before and after surgery… that’s the only complimentary service offered with surgery. When will psychological support be necessary/included? It’s such a huge component that doesn’t get addressed (at least here it doesn’t). Very smart of you to pay attention to this now…and not wait until the typical weight regain period of 3-5 years post op!

    As a side note, I just want to say that as someone who has lost weight and maintained it for some time now (10+ years), it never really leaves the core of who you are. I have a quote about the beach that I love and it is “You can shake the sand from your toes but it will never leave your soul” … that’s how I feel about being a former heavy person, now thin. My heavier days, heavier mindset, etc. will never leave my soul. No one would ever know that looking at me (“boy does she look fit!”) but that shadow story you told?? That’s me too! After all this time! Just thought I’d share…

    As always, great post. I always look forward to seeing what you have to say!

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for that. I am pleased to share my experiences and hope others can benefit. You are right about the fact that psychological support should be available by rights because it is almost left to us to fumble around in the dark. Lets face it, years and years of poor food behaviour is going to take a LONG time to leave us.
      Good for you on your weight loss, and no, you would never know that you were once a larger person.
      I hope that with the cathartic nature of this blog, most of my issues are removed on a daily basis.
      Still, thats the plan anyway!!

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  5. New Journey says:

    I find it strange when I see my arm and hands and they are not mine…LOL they are thin at least thinner…and laying in bed when I put my hands on my hip and there is a bone there…a real hip bone….imagine that…I hope that you are able to work out the issues that are bothering you….it is hard to accept, a thin person instead of who we have been for years….I love the shadow story….checking behind you…LOL I still am buying to big of clothes…having issues getting small ones, I have been taking up the big ones, thank goodness I have a sewing machine….can’t wait to hear how it went at the doctors today…kat

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Hi Kat! Welcome back!
      Your thoughts and comments have been missed here!
      You are so right about the laying in bed and being able to feel a hip bone or looking at the thinness of ones fingers.
      It is a totally weird sensation at odds with most things we have been feeling for so many years previously.
      I am sure that all issues will soon be worked out satisfactorily and I shall not be one of the percentile who start regain after three to five years.
      We just have to keep working at it and I am sure with the support I have surrounding me, I shall be able to continue my success.
      Look at Dec 2nd’s post for a little update on my Doctors appt. I don’t want to spoil the read but it turns out that I am actually sane after all. I mean who would have thought it!!


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