I Don’t Believe It!

Hello friends and thanks for dropping in. I bid you welcome once again to my musings and ramblings and wonder if we could possibly share any like minded thoughts.


Oh, right! It must just be me then….

So, I woke this morning and when I looked at my phone to see the time I saw the date as well.

30th of November, so I did my usual rhyme to answer how many days in the current month.

“Thirty days hath September, April, June and November”


It’s the last day of November today and you know what comes after that, don’t you? That’s right, the lead up to the years biggest bun fight.

Christmas day! How on earth did that happen! Where did that come from? I have been watching as people posted about Christmas decorations and the putting up trees and lights (see the picture) etc and even though I made comments such as “Noooo! It’s too early for all of that” I never twigged. On Friday I was in Waitrose Supermarket and as I sat drinking a coffee and looking around, I saw the store had Christmas decorations up and Christmas offers lining the aisles, but still I never twigged.

How did I miss it? I literally feel like I have gone from the short little spell of summer that we had, straight into now, the build up to the arrival of Santa.

Mind you, as I started to write this post I was seriously questioning where all of the time went but if we look at all that has happened then the one thing we needed for it to happen was time. I mean, imagine if you were to go to bed one night at 25stone/350lbs and wake up the next day at 17stone/240lbs! That would be quite some shock, but in someways I feel I have done that. I have been sleepwalking through the reality of my weight loss and generally so consumed with my world that I had little idea of the coming festivities and how it will now impact on me (again, it’s all about me….)

Sitting here, day after day in front of this screen, my thoughts have been a million miles away from anything that remotely resembled Christmas, but now I am starting to think I might be excited about it even though this will be a sober drink free festive season for me and that is a possible first.
It will also be a pretty much festive food free festive season for me because I shall refrain from doing what I usually do and that is to stock up on goodies and snacks to keep in the house for “Guests” even though when I buy them I already know I will have very few or none (guests that is) so the goodies would all be for me. Mind you, there was an upside because of this, and that was it meant I was I only ever required to buy the treats that I liked!

Get in!!

Yes, I suppose I may still indulge in a few nibbles as I pass the Christmas holidays, but I cannot see that I shall be particularly over laden with such things. I shall also more than likely avoid the chocolate coma’s that come at this time of year because the capacity has been vastly reduced. One thing I hope I do not miss too much is the Turkey, Pigs in Blankets, Roast Potatoes followed by my Mums homemade cheesecake (at this point please imagine me as Homer Simpson drooling as I say “Cheesecake”.

Still, I shall have to see how that all pans out because it is over three weeks away yet and I could end up being left at home alone with no supper…. 😉

For now though, I shall have to get my act together, start choosing presents and goodies for all of my friends and relatives. Finding out what it is that my Grandson, Nephews and  Niece want in the toy line, then choosing something that I might like to play with them…. 🙂 (Grandad’s and Uncles like toys too you know…. 🙂 ) I shall be a whirlwind internet shopper for some and a slow plodding shopper examining all of the aspects of the present to ensure it is suitable and just right, for others.

So with that in mind, I figure I had better get a wriggle on before all of the years top presents are gone and I end up with a piece of coal from Santa because I was too mean or too lazy to get my act together…!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.


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