The Changes Continue…

As life improves in ways we might not have ever expected….

Morning friends and thanks for popping in to the world of Magnet here on this relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Apologies for being later on parade than I had anticipated but like I said a few weeks ago, it was time to start doing this all at my own pace and on my own schedule so that I could enjoy continue enjoying writing the blog instead of looking at it as a bit of a chore.

So what is on the cards today? Well if I am honest, not very much.

I have a few jobs to do and will probably pick up a couple of Christmas presents as I am out and about, if only to save me ordering from the on line stores then having to wait at the mercy of the delivery man….

Yesterday was a nice day with great company and I managed to get a few jobs done even with the foul weather and cold conditions preventing any warmth from creeping into my bones. In fact, if I am honest I am cold as I sit here writing this, yet I am in my lovely warm apartment.

If a normal person were to walk in here now they would probably be alarmed at the temperature the thermostat is currently set at and insist I turn it down, yet I can not.

If I did, I would start to shiver.

Yet that was not always the case. I remember a film called Crazy PeopleΒ starring Dudley Moore and Darryl Hannah. It was a daft yarn about an executive who supposedly went crazy as he wrote “honest” advertising slogans. One of the slogans that always stuck with me was “Do you perspire on relatively mild days?” and “Yes! I want to go to the Bathroom!”
I did not realise until recently that I was actually one of those people. I didn’t “sweat buckets” but it certainly could make me uncomfortable on those relatively mild days and I found that I didn’t always need to wrap up against the colder elements such was the central heating I carried around in the shape of my fat stores.

Well now I have lost weight and even though I still have a little way to go, I am finding that as soon as the temperature drops, my body is in almost in shock at how cold it is.

This is something I have not experienced in years. That cold chill that runs from the neck was a welcome thing when I was hot, carrying extra weight and not enjoying the overheating. Now I am at the other end of the scale and cold all of the time, I’m not sure how to take it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE a nice sweater to wear and now I am slimmer I can cut quite a dash in the latest fashions, but this is something that I am not used to. I was the guy who wore a T shirt as long as there was no snow on the ground. Now when the wind blows I want to put a scarf on….!

But I suppose I shall enjoy the fact that I will just grin and bear it because when the sun puts his hat on at next year’s summer holiday, I don’t suppose I shall be moaning about it then as I manage to keep my body temperature at a normal level simply because I am not carrying an extra 140lbs of fat around….


Some good some bad, but ALL better…!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

28 thoughts on “The Changes Continue…

  1. Emma says:

    Yes but are you typing away in your sauna pants !
    I don’t remember the film but it sounds like a good pairing.
    It does get better + when you get those little moments of pure joy it gets you excited about future again πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    That’s it all positive !
    Definitely not bum flap thermals for your bike they would not be wizard proof.
    I’ll bid you a gd evening as I’m getting silly.

    PS used to love “Magic Merlin”

    Liked by 1 person

  3. New Journey says:

    I love that I don’t sweat like I have been working out all the time….I am finding getting cold a little, well very unusual…I am the one who always needed a fan on me, and the one who never wore a coat….know I wear sweatshirt jackets and even been wearing leggings….part of my overheating was hormones and once I got rid of those and a crap load of weight I feel I am almost human…..LOL and I bet you look very dashing in a sweater..!!! kat

    Liked by 1 person

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