Life Goes Marching On.

Good morning world and welcome to the weekend. Here again for us all to enjoy as we see fit. Some of us will work, some sleep after a big night out, some gym or run or walk and some will simply get their chores done around the house.

Life goes on.

Saturday will always follow Friday, Sunday will always follow Saturday and Monday will ALWAYS follow Sunday.

It is the way of the world.

Yesterday, I didn’t have an epiphany as such but a couple of really basic things dawned on me, the most basic being that life always goes on.
Day by day we live life and no matter what happens to us or the people in it, no matter how much heartache or joy we or others might be forced to endure/lucky enough to witness, each day ends and a new one comes along.

The world will keep on turning.

I recall that nine years ago yesterday my father died and as much as I still miss him on occasion, I have done grieving and am totally at peace with the loss. Yes he could be an awkward old sod, yes he could drive me to despair but as each day came and the shock of his loss softened, so did my view and memory of him to the point where I only really remember the good things of which I am honest there were many.

What I suppose I am saying is that just because you feel bad today please do not think that this is your life for ever. Do not think that the stress you are currently enduring is an unforgivable burden that will never cease.
It will.
As surely as night follows day, things change in our lives and things get easier with time. Tomorrow really is a new day and tomorrow DOES come and it nearly always brings a brighter viewpoint, even if it is only by the tiniest of margins.

Consider this, could you imagine after all of that time people spent waiting for Thanksgiving to come, you are now TWO days past it and it is now consigned to the memory banks? What if you consider that what only really feels like a few weeks ago we were in the middle of summer and now we are being told that we are to expect some of the worst winter weather we  will have seen for many years. Who would have thought that time has past so quickly that it was THREE years ago that this country hosted one of the greatest Olympics of ALL time.
And let us not forget, where what seems like a moment ago we were sipping cold drinks in pub beer gardens, we are now only FOUR weeks from sitting at a table eating a Turkey for Christmas dinner……

As I said yesterday change comes either through a massive switch in circumstance or the aggregation of tiny margins coming from little victories happening each day.
No matter how hard the day you have just witnessed, always take time to look back at it as see the one thing that was good, because there will honestly be one thing if not more when you are forced to think about it. Whether it be a good positive conversation or solving a small problem, speaking to a close friend to unload some of your burdens or being active when you have been nothing but sedentary.

There is an old saying that everything will be better in the morning and that is true, just the same as the afternoon is NOT the same as the morning, just the same as the coming hour will see you in a different mindset to the one you currently hold. It is the simple fact of our lives here on Planet Earth that time passes for us regardless of what relative dimension or form you believe it to be working in, whether all things happen now and it is just how we process them or whether it is things happening as each second passes, your thoughts MUST change as EVERY second ticks by. The pain of a break up, the pain of a loss, the stress of a house move or house build, the stress of an elderly loved one. As every second passes, the universe spins and as the universe spins, life marches on, as life marches on time passes and as time passes so does the memory fade and the heart ache ease.

I know the above may seem a trifle long winded but it is TRUE.

Now I understand that I say this continually, but look at me.

Last year I was 25 stone/350lbs/159kgs and although I knew the surgery was going to happen I never felt that I would be where I now am. I KNEW it would happen because that is what time brings, but I could not even see the wood from the trees enough to see that I was slowly getting there, but I AM there. My life has changed. My life is amazing and even though some days I may have a small issues and feel rubbish for no real reason, I know now that this will pass, that minute by minute my life will never be the same again and that statement is the same for EVERYONE.
No matter how wretched, confused, let down, stressed, put upon, disappointed, beleaguered, awkward, anxious, unhappy, unfit or lonely you might consider yourself in this VERY instance, I promise you that the next time you think about it, life will have changed and moved on and you will be closer to the goals you would so dearly love to achieve.

So the next time you might feel that there is no end in sight, remember this, the world will spin on it’s axis and time will move on.

It will only lead to one thing.

Everything WILL be better in the morning.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.



17 thoughts on “Life Goes Marching On.

  1. Osyth says:

    I stayed with my daughter number three for a couple of days this week and she shared the most proufound and simple technique adopted by her friend (aged 22) …. when the day has been less than what she hoped for (because she always hopes it will be perfect, as we all do) she spends the last moments before she sleeps asking herself how she can improve, what she can do better. I like this. I am now doing it myself and share it with you and yours as I honestly think it is sound advice 🙂

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  2. jncthedc says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Letting go of negativity and hostility brings peace and inner harmony to ourselves. Harboring anger only adds fuel to our own demise. Your new outlook on life will be read by many creating happier future days for them. Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sleeveforme22 says:

    Very well said. What seems so upsetting or relevant today will be a distant memory as life continues to move forward. The trick is living in the now – which admittedly I’m still working towards.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Absolutely. Pick the battles, choose the issues that ou can resolve and give up on the negativity that you can never change. By doing so, someone else takes the burden and you have the relief of no longer carrying their problems.
      I was happy when I found out that the people that my friend employed to do a job didn’t like me because it meant they would be trying to prove their worth to her once more and therefore trying harder for her. Attach this to the fact that I could care not a jot that they don’t like me, it is a win win situation for my friend and myself!

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  4. New Journey says:

    I have always said that no matter what, no matter how bad, no matter how bad the pain, the sun will always come in the morning….I live by this in all situations, when I had to have surgery…I always say no matter what, the MD will finish….go home and the sun will come up in the morning….nothing is forever….there is a beginning, middle and end….always…..good post Cameron….kat

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