If You Have One Flat Tyre

Do you slash the other three?

Well obviously not.

Hello world and welcome to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Absolutely flat out out here myself so today shall be a short post with possibly a touch of motivation thrown in for good measure.

I imagine today will find you one of three things, either bright eyed and bushy tailed and heading for work, or possibly heading for the madness of something they call Black Friday or if you are over the pond still sleeping off yesterdays indulgences, mind you, if we are honest, us eaters don’t always need a reason of a festivity to over indulge…..
To me, naming this day Black Friday makes it sound like the day the stock markets failed but by all accounts it is a day when normal well adjusted people turn into lunatics in the vain hope they might just save that elusive extra 20% off of a new pair of Sauna Pants or something equally as important they know they must own in order to enhance their life.

Or if it does not and you don’t buy in to all of that consumerism, are you now feeling guilty for overdoing it by such a long way at your big festive meal yesterday?

As I said, over here we do not celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday but we are still just as likely to over eat at any given time and over here just as over there, this is not a problem it is simply an opportunity to learn how we pull ourselves up and move out of harms way so we can get back on track and not fall into the usual post binge trap of continuing the over indulgence.

Todays title and inspiration comes from something I read on Eat A Cheeseburger. I absolutely think it is the most fantastic quote about Catastrophic Thinking that I have ever come across. Basically it just sums up how we think when the “wheels have fallen off” of our diet or sobriety or not smoking etc etc – “Oh well, I might just as well have that last piece of cheesecake….”

As someone who can easily fall into the point of view that “I may as well get hung for a sheep as a lamb” I can so easily relate to this ideal and yesterday I didn’t celebrate anything! To that end, I now call you all to shake off yesterdays excess, shake off yesterdays over indulgence and shake of yesterdays mistaken mouthfuls. Put you shoes on and head out for a walk, put your trainers on and head out for a run, get up off of that couch, make mindful choices about food, go back to work and get back into your groove because thats is what we need to reset our bodies needs and cravings. Above though, we must remember “If you have one flat tyre, you don’t slash the other three”.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

25 thoughts on “If You Have One Flat Tyre

  1. trimonkey says:

    Sauna Pants?! Ha ha Love it…. But if I buy them I’d need the matching flip flops…Oh christ now they don’t match my towel – I’ll need a new towel! …. Oh look, the towel comes with a new gym bag and if I buy them both I save 25%….Now that is a bargain!!

    Welcome to the hedonic treadmill of consumerism – Have a nice day!

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  2. Blair (The Shameful Sheep) says:

    It’s definitely easy to over-indulge and get stuck in a rut. Luckily, my body is so pissed at me the thought of eating too much crap again sounds like torture. I didn’t know y’all spelled ‘tyre’ with a Y. I’ve learned something new today and it’s only 8 am. Now I can go back to bed.

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  3. mrsmendymac says:

    The idea of unpacking and living in your over-indulgence for a few days is easily done. I remember one of my troubles was self sabotage, I’d be mad at my husband for something small, so I’d cheat on my diet, or I’d smoke a cigarette after quitting. How exactly does that work again? lol Sometimes any old excuse will do…

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  4. jncthedc says:

    Excellent advise. Over indulging in anything is NOT the problem. Over indulging when an individual says they are not going to (and does it anyway) is the problem. This is a pattern where people lose control over their lives. As we learn to correct and develop an inner strength and a greater level of self confidence we desire less over indulging. It no longer fill the empty gaps in our lives. As we follow this new thought process, we become healthier happier people.

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  5. fattymccupcakes says:

    The sauna pants line! Awesome! I love your positive outlook on everything, it’s very motivating. My post gluttony “workout” is hauling all of the Christmas boxes out and cleaning in preparation to making positively everything in my house Christmasy!

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