If You Have One Flat Tyre

Do you slash the other three?

Well obviously not.

Hello world and welcome to another day here on Planet Magnet.

Absolutely flat out out here myself so today shall be a short post with possibly a touch of motivation thrown in for good measure.

I imagine today will find you one of three things, either bright eyed and bushy tailed and heading for work, or possibly heading for the madness of something they call Black Friday or if you are over the pond still sleeping off yesterdays indulgences, mind you, if we are honest, us eaters don’t always need a reason of a festivity to over indulge…..
To me, naming this day Black Friday makes it sound like the day the stock markets failed but by all accounts it is a day when normal well adjusted people turn into lunatics in the vain hope they might just save that elusive extra 20% off of a new pair of Sauna Pants or something equally as important they know they must own in order to enhance their life.

Or if it does not and you don’t buy in to all of that consumerism, are you now feeling guilty for overdoing it by such a long way at your big festive meal yesterday?

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