There’s Nowt As Strange As Folk…

Good morning world and thank you for tuning in to another day here on Planet Magnet.

I trust this midweek post finds your hump day suitably acceptable and you are either looking forward to what the day will bring or are reflective over your day’s activities being happy with all accomplished.

Today I am feeling the need to talk about people. Not people in general but people who come in and out of our lives when it suits them, people who take umbrage at your mere presence when all you are doing is trying to help and people who cannot get over themselves and their own self worth.

A rant then I suppose?

Not really. I suppose just the other side of the coin to the piece I wrote on the Milk of Human Kindness a few weeks ago. It is more about how some people can through their sheer negativity, just take the shine off of the day for all around them but when you try to verbalise the problem of them, nobody else seems to see it.

The past few days have given me an experience of this at the highest level. I was helping a friend solve a few problems with a project they are undertaking. This project is coming to an end now and to my mind all of the parties involved are losing or have lost interest. Some have become surly and unapproachable (to be honest, I think some have never been approachable) but what I have noticed above all is the childish manner in which every single one of them blames the other in a “he said, she said” manner which simply flabbergasts me to the point where I start to wonder if I am the odd one out for not ever behaving like this.

Now I have been the victim of dislike for years and have always coped with it. In the past I simply took it as something that went with the territory of being an overweight person but nowadays I have to admit that it is only because I don’t care what certain people think of me, that it doesn’t hurt when I witness their behaviour and disdain for someone who is only there to try to help a friend and make these third parties lives easier. I am amazed at the way certain people treat others, believing it is okay to do so. The “I couldn’t give a shit what you think” attitude when promises have been made is simply dreadful. Then its the denial of all knowledge of any previous promises, or even worse, it is the blaming other people allied to the project.

I am I suppose at a loss.

Karma tells us that we should literally treat other people how we would wish to be treated ourselves, but I can never understand why this rule only appears to apply to me and some of my friends. Is it because I am a soft touch? Is it because people simply have no manners in this day and age? No idea of how to treat people? Or are my expectations of others simply too high?
I know it is human nature to tell stories to suit ones own needs and point of view but I am sick of people behaving like this and telling their story in such a way that it never considers other’s points of view, a stories that are plainly biased toward themselves, never giving the benefit of the doubt. There is simply just too much hatred and self greed in the world where people only look at another for what they might get from them, how they might be happier to know them or what they might be able to to do for them.

I think it is a sad reflection on so many people that it makes me sad to my heart even if I know I cannot be responsible for others behaviour. I want to shout from the rooftops “Why can’t you tell the truth? Why can’t you just hold your hand up and take the blame? Why can’t you simply accept what is happening and try your best to resolve it?”
But then this makes me question again if I am the odd one out because of my belief that if it is in my ability to help someone, I nearly always will.
I honestly wonder why other people are not like this? Is it because they are so closed off to the world that they cannot see farther than themselves and their own needs? Maybe if they did put themselves out a little then the world might slowly begin to change and that long lost sense of community might start to reappear.

Sadly I am truly at a loss for the reasons for any of this and do you know what? It is now things such as that take the shine off of my days.
I have as many of you know been enjoying my ‘Zen-like, at peace and completely happy with myself’ state of late, right up until the day before yesterday, right up until I witnessed some of the most extreme examples of the above behaviour; and it is this behaviour that starts to run at odds with my own behaviour that forces me to question why I should be polite and nice when others are not.

I would love to say that I always take a step back and try to understand that it is them that has the problem, it is them that carries the hatred and it is me who tries to rise above that view, but I find myself (and it is more often than not, if I am honest) wanting to be just as aggressive as my aggressor, just as unhelpful and just as likely to treat others like this.

And I REALLY don’t like it.

It sits totally at odds with my views but unfortunately it appears I am happy to let it creep up on me and at times take me over.
I do however know people can change because I am convinced that I have changed to great extremes over this past year or so, but can a Leopard truly change their spots? Can someone really change from what they are like once they have shown you their hand of cards only to produce others from up their sleeve whilst you do not notice?

I wonder if there is a fundamental lack of honesty in the world. Yes we all let people down, yes we all need help from our fellow man but if you are one whom constantly takes and only gives back reluctantly, how do you not know this yourself and so why do you keep taking? Is it because you have gotten so used to getting what you want that the sheer thought of refusal never enters your head?
I am not talking about money or goods, I am talking about generosity of spirit. Something I am told I have in abundance but when it gets abused, even I have to question the abusers motives.
This is when it becomes sad and this is when it becomes awkward because I should love to never think like this but I sometimes find myself doing so.

How do you deal with the world when it appears unfair? Do you rise above or do you return to type and act the same?

Be honest now….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.



13 thoughts on “There’s Nowt As Strange As Folk…

  1. lolabipola says:

    We’re all human, and we get to make choices about how we treat other people. Mostly, the way we treat others, we’ve learned by what was modelled to us by our parents or those close to us. Not always, but that is the general rule. Some people have a massive sense of entitlement – and that is because of our Western, individualised culture. We expect it to always be all about us. I personally believe, even as a “Westerner” that the way we focus on the “individual” is killing us. We are human. We are social beings. We need community. Community does not work for the good of the individual – they work for the good of others. That’s how it is supposed to be. But the dickheads you speak of… They don’t get that. They feel entitled. They feel superior. They feel right. They want the benefits of communal life without giving back to it. Because, somehow, they believe the world owes them something! What.The.Actual.F$%^ …. AND, there are no consequences for their disgusting, self-absorbed behaviour! In fact, 9 times out of 10, they are rewarded for their narcissism. Arrrggggg! People! There are some nasty ones out there… But thankfully, there are also loads of lovely ones, right here on WP 🙂

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  2. AtomicMelanie says:

    Ahh, one of the eternal questions.

    I must admit that many times I’ve responded in kind when this has happened to me. Nothing good has ever come of it; I was the one left to suffer in the end, carrying guilt and shame.

    I’m going to assume you know the story of the two monks at the stream, but I’ll share it anyway.

    2 monks were walking toward the temple. After many days of walking, they came to a stream which they had to cross – there was no bridge. Beside the stream, there stood a woman, crying because she couldn’t get across.

    One of the monks, without saying a word, picked her up and carried her across the stream.

    A few miles down the path, the other monk turned to the first and said, “You know we are forbidden to touch women, yet you carried that woman across the stream! Why did you defile yourself so? She didn’t even thank you!”

    The first monk replied, “My brother, I set the woman down when we crossed the stream. Why are you still carrying her?”

    If someone needs help, help them… regardless of whether they show you any gratitude or what anyone else says.

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  3. sleeveforme22 says:

    You know, this is an area I struggle with too. I’ve really learned through the years that in order to be my authentic self, I cannot just sit by and allow myself to be surrounded by people like this. I’ve slowly cut them out and really look at them as toxic. I think we have created a world filled with people who want to play the victim or blame game and not be accountable. I embrace and applaud those that actually take accountability and work hard to teach my son the importance of it. I don’t talk to my sister today because she still fails to be accountable or apologize for the years of horrible things she did to me and my family.

    I’m not sure why people struggle with being kind, accountable humans, but I know my life is better since I’ve surrounded myself with friends who have a similar morale structure as I do.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Very well written. I agree with all you say. There needs to be more accountability. Today I was working with the people who annoyed me so much that I had to write about it. I honestly just ended yup looking at them and shook my head knowing that their lives will always be the same. Pointless. Vacuous. Banal and Anti Socially Thug Like. The best bit was NOT one of them spoke to me and NOT one of them could even look me in the eye. Such poor excuses of human kind.
      I had a GREAT day today helping my friend and worked really hard, so much so I am worn out now and have that relaxed buzz that comes from working hard whilst I have witnessed these arses wander around with their hands in their pockets…!

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  4. chattykerry says:

    You stay true to your compassionate self when people are negative Nellies! Sometimes I react too strongly when people are not nice (for want of some better words) but it always rebounds on me. It is better just to gently remove yourself from toxic influences. Sometimes people are unable to behave properly with the social niceties that we all expect. They weren’t all brought up as well as we were. 🙂 It is not just hump day but the eve of Thanksgiving so best wishes from across the pond.

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  5. New Journey says:

    Great post…reminds of why I am a loner in this big negative world…I would rather tackle life with just my husband, and even sometimes he can be a bit of a downer…always sees the reasons not to do whatever rather then embrace it and make the best of it, I can’t deal with negative or gossip….I try to turn the cheek and be positive but sometimes I slip down into the muck with them…then I hate myself after….aghhh……but I really always try to be kind, say nice things and compliment no matter….kat

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