What A Busy Little Bee….

Well hello world and welcome to the start of another busy week here on Planet Magnet.

That’s not to say that yesterday wasn’t a busy old day for me as well but I have plenty to do this week and am looking forward to being a busy bee once again.
We must all agree that no matter how lovely it is to be able to sit and relax, take it easy and please ourselves, it is also really nice to have a target for the day whether it be to write so many words or nap for so many hours or get all of the little outstanding jobs started, you know the ones you have been putting off for months….

Yesterday I was kept busy from the moment I rose until the moment I sat to write this little piece telling you about my day.
I started off the morning by writing the days entry into the blog. I talked about how much of a big girls blouse I was by not wanting to go out into the harsh winter climate on my new bike just in case I got it dirty!
After trying to explain myself, I could see from the looks in your eyes that this was a pointless and futile view to take and that I had just better “man up” and deal with it. So I did.

First of all, Archie and I went for a good jaunt around that little village we love so much, Ardington. This little walk affords us some fantastic scenery, great views and best of all some good uphill sections that we can get the blood pumping with.
After Archie had exhausted in inexplicably huge supply of “scent” he was quite happy to keep up with me and so we managed to get quite a good wriggle on and completed our walk in a good time considering we have not really pushed ourselves of late too much.
Fortunately I tracked our progress on the Map my Walk app for you guys to see and as ever, have taken a screen shot for your enjoyment….


Happy with that!

So, after Archie was cleaned up (it’s MUDDY around these parts at the moment) and deposited back with his Grandma (my Mum, I’m such a softie…!) It was time to move on to the next big adventure of the day… Cycling…!

Well I went home and obviously needed to change into the appropriate gear so that I might maintain an element of comfort and warmth whilst on my travels (I am pleased but also saddened to report that I managed only one of these so keep reading to find out if something fell off or something wore raw…)

So after changing into my correct “outfit” and wearing the approved health and safety equipment, I mounted my new steed and rode of into the distance. To be honest, it was just as I remembered it, pedalling makes you go forward and pulling the brakes makes you stop. I can tell you that trying to fashion a modicum of balance along with maintaining sartorial dignity proved tough and I found that wearing tights in the open for all to see was probably easier to deal with than going slowly around the obstacles. Mind you, I have to say that I didn’t fall off and was pretty soon whizzing along past Sunday Strollers out with their strollers coo-ing and ahh-ing at their little bundles of joy, as I silently and stealthily crept up on them before launching an overtaking move that would have left Ayrton Senna himself wondering how I managed it.

The one thing I did find about the bike was the gears are very odd. There are only two rings at the front and TEN at the back! When I last owned a bike there was three at the front and seven at the rear and from that set up I was nearly always able to select the right gear, but with this new set up I was wriggling around like a lizard in a tin, always changing up and down trying to pick a gear that worked for me because it either felt as though I was bouncing up and down on the bike and getting nowhere or there was that much resistance I was trying to kick start the earth back on to its axis!

Still, a little perseverance obviously helps and after a while I found that I was not considering the effort required properly and I soon found myself a happy medium. Although when I went down to the very lowest gear (as in first gear) I found that my legs literally span on the spot and the bike barely moved. Ha! Thought I, I will never need such a pathetic gear.

Oh how wrong I was.

I not only needed it, I was grateful for it, because a little later in the ride, having decided to take a road that I never at all considered had a hill on it, I was soon scrabbling for that low gear to help me “cruise” up the hill with ease. Now when I say cruise, I don’t believe there was much of that going on with any dignity – think of an animal picked up from the floor just a few inches thrashing it’s legs as though moving but getting nowhere in thin air – well that would be closer to the truth… 😉

Still, I made it up the hill without stopping and continued on with the ride, whilst also being thankful that the journey would be over soon because my legs were beginning to burn with the effort I had put through them over the previous six or so miles. So I was homeward bound and as I passed by my Mums front door, I thought I would take the opportunity to show her my new beast and also get her to take a picture to share with you guys. You will recognise me as the one asking for directions to the cannon I am about to be fired out of….


I left my Mother’s feeling suitably impressed and believing that I had given a good account of myself and I trundled off home to complete part two of the days activities after having recorded my journey on the Map my Walk/Cycle app. Again this allowed me to give you an idea of how I did on my inaugural trip out to christen the bike.


Unfortunately however, returning home also made me aware of my only issue of the day coming to literally bite me on the backside. As I said earlier, I managed only one of the two things I set out to achieve and seeing as I wasn’t cold when I got home, that can only mean one thing, with a backside that feels like a wizards sleeve, it is safe to say that I am struggling to sit comfortably at the moment… :-/
Yes, you’ve guessed it Ladies and Gentlemen, the chamois shorts I was wearing obviously didn’t give me enough protection from the chaffing of the new saddle and my bottom is quite raw and no longer soft and innocent of the saddle sore.

Crikey, it smarts!

Especially when you get in the power shower to clean yourself up after being sweaty for the previous couple of hours (if you catch my drift people…) Hot water turns into tiny pin pricks being shot at high speed into your nether regions. There is no amount of explaining that can do this kind of pain justice. Suffice to say that once I had finished and used nigh on an entire container of baby talcum powder, I was walking like John Wayne after a hard days filming on horseback…..


Needless to say that I believe there is a need for some extra chamois protection the next time I venture out….. and if ever someone says to me ‘You’ll be fine, it’s as easy as riding a bike” I shall be sure to reply “Have you ridden one lately…!” 😉

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.



23 thoughts on “What A Busy Little Bee….

  1. Emma says:

    This looks like you’ve just rolled round to your mums for your Sunday roast.
    Lizard in a tin you crack me up !

    Joking aside congrats that sounds like some achievement especially for first time out. You look like a natural & Archie looks very cute !

    Liked by 2 people

  2. sleeveforme22 says:

    Cameron, you crack me up. I haven’t been bike riding in ages mostly due to the little tiny seat on those bikes that clearly are lacking enough room and padding. I hope you are recovering today and fully before venturing out for another long ride.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. New Journey says:

    don’t you look dapper on your new ride….that is something I am hoping I can get back on…still need to drop some more weight first…..and ouch….I used have a big ole cushioned seat…LOL looking good brother!!! kat

    Liked by 1 person

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