Feel The Fear….

And do it anyway.

Susan Jeffers wrote this remarkable self help book and released it way back in 1987. Possibly before many of guys were born, or in my case, many years after…!
It is hard to consider that this type of book would have been so wee received when you consider how backward (and we considered ourselves progressive…!) the world was way back when. Today we readily accept self help books as part of life. We accept mental health issues a great deal more readily than we might once have done, we accept the fact that people share on forums, people share by blogging their experiences (I am a prime example of this as you would agree).

Now I know and understand that peoples lives have changed out of all recognition in comparison to the decade affectionately know as “The Eighties” but back then I doubt very much if this kind of approach was given as much credibility as it is today.

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