I Woke With Such A Pain…

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in. Once again I am posting a little later than normal because once again I am writing this on the morning of the day it should have already been posted!

I am sorry to tell you that yesterday was a bit of a bust when it came to getting things done. As you know I was suffering from a pain from my neck down to my shoulder blades that would simply not leave. I took the dog for a nice walk up around the woods as I had promised him to do so but when it came to Gym time, I was in so much pain, all I wanted to do was return home and take some pain killers, then some more pain killers and finally a few more when the first two batches did not work.

This unfortunately led to me feeling a little sick so I decided to take a lay down on the sofa as the TV played in the background – any of you that will know me will understand that the TV being on in my house during the day is a most unusual occurrence but I thought that it might take my mind off of feeling so crap after taking my tablets (this is the prescribed amount throughout the day so do not be concerned!) but all it did was allow me to drift off to sleep and wake a few hours later but still in pain!


I had originally stopped taking my pain medication at the time of the weight loss operation and I am pleased to say I have not missed them one bit with yesterday only serving to prove to myself that I was right to do so. All they appear to do is make me feel sick, alleviate a little of the pain and then put me to sleep!

So, I had awoken on the couch after nearly three hours of being knocked out by the tablets and I am afraid all I felt fit for was to go straight to my bed and continue sleeping… :-/ This I did and by doing so I am afraid I neglected my duties as a daily blogger and not preparing my post for you guys to read with your morning cereals and mugs of coffee.


Any road up, you would think that after all of those pain killers and rather too much rest my neck and back would be once again pain free, but no. As the title of todays post says “I awoke with such a pain…” it was the pain I think that woke me and it was that same pain I have been trying to resolve for the past few days! Proof then that tablets are not the answer, relaxation is not the answer so that can only leave activity and that my friends is what I plan to do today.

I shall go to the gym (obviously I missed it yesterday thinking that the pain would be an issue) and I shall try my workout as if there is nothing wrong and we shall see if the neck and shoulder blades react accordingly and start to give me a little relief from this continual muscular gnawing sensation I am being treated to.

So again I shall end a post with an apology and hope that you guys understand that I am not a robot and although can be prolific in the amount that I write, I am also human and am it appears (well, certainly at present) also affected by the day to day issues that we must all suffer with in our bodies as things adjust and we get fitter and healthier.

Please do not worry, I am still managing my peaceful state where things are all good in the world of Magnet, I am enjoying feeling healthy both mentallyย and physically (neck and shoulder be damned!) and I am enjoying life and each day as it comes. It is what I have wanted for long many a year so will try not to let a little setback like this create an issue that grows and festers and affected my mood.

After all, that just would be where we all are now, would it!

Finally on a different note, I would just like to add some heartfelt thanks to you all for continuing to vote on the plane naming for Maisie. I believe we ended up with a fantastic total 10,482 votes which just goes to show how amazing people can be when they try. Unfortunately it was not enough to get into the final top 5 but to know that Maisie touched that many people and inspired that many votes is testament to the kind of person she was.


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

17 thoughts on “I Woke With Such A Pain…

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    I hope you are pain free soon! I know being uncomfortable in those areas can be troublesome. Don’t go overboard at the gym just in case you aggravated it there, you know?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jncthedc says:

    Sorry that Maisie didn’t win, but hats off to you for all your effort.
    Have you ever considered consulting a chiropractic physician for your back and neck issues?
    Be careful at the gym. If your body is already providing a warning that something is wrong (PAIN) the mechanics used during exercise can create further damage. Getting a professional healthcare opinion from a chiropractic physician with experience in exercise might create a faster recovery with less risk of injury. Just a suggestion. Good luck with whatever you choose.

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