Something And Nothing

I am still feeling very much of my Hakuna Matata mindset and am still at peace with myself but sometimes you just need to get a thing off of your chest.

Well here it goes.

Yesterday I went for lunch with some pals. We have a regular thing each quarter and head out to a restaurant for some fine dining etc. Unfortunately yesterday was not a particularly good example of this and apart from seeing my friends, the dining was going to be the main thing I had to look forward to as I was driving and therefore not drinking.

If it had not have been for my friends being such great company, I don’t think I would have enjoyed myself at all.

We went to a restaurant known as Gee’s in Oxford and I have to say, I have not been as disappointed in a meal for such a long time that I am wondering if my taste buds have gotten so used to my cooking being exactly to my palate’s requirements that I have ruined myself for other chefs 😉

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