Being Put Through My Paces

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Yesterday as you know was Tasty Tuesday and another opportunity for me to share a new recipe with you. Because of this, I am writing todays blog but referencing Mondays activity in the gym.

I will try not to make it too confusing.

So to Monday’s activity… After an early walk with my friend and the dogs whilst maintaining a decent pace, it was soon time to attend the gym for my first instructed routine on the TRX equipment, the Kettle Bells and the Mat Work (for my abominable abdominals)

I duly arrived on time and was met by the ever smiling Alex who was ready to take me straight through and get started. Not actually realising what he had in store for me, I smiled blithely and walked blindly into a trap.

A trap of fitness, where only the best survive.

Well it wasn’t really but it felt like it at the time. For some reason I had thought to myself that I would simply being going in and going through the routine in a gentle and sedate fashion, or at least not in a fashion that would make me want to breathe through may backside or feel like I was going to be sick…. :-/

So Alex got me to the TRX ropes and announced that the workout was one that involved beginners “Super Sets” I asked what a “Super Set” was and promptly wished I had kept my mouth firmly shut because he was only too willing to let me know and then make sure I went through with them all. So for the uninformed, basically a “Super Set” is two sets of exercises performed back to back for a specific amount of repetitions. Once the second exercise is finished then I would be allowed a 30-45 second break before doing the “Super Set” again.

Let me explain.

To start with I did a set of Squats. Simple enough, 12 Squats using my own bodyweight on the TRX ropes. This was immediately followed by 12 Upright Rows and then a 30 – 45 second break. I was then given the same two exercises to do again before I had another 30 – 45 second break and then started on another pair of exercises.

This was how the entire workout continued and not having worked out particularly hard last week or prior to that, for a good several weeks, it was obvious that I was mightily unfit and it showed most of all as I started to tire easily and feel quite unwell….

So what was my entire TRX routine? Well below I have managed to find some examples of the exercises I undertook and put each two together just as they were linked in the “Super Set”

TRX Squats followed by Upright Rows. Two sets of 12 repetitions with a 30 – 45 second rest interval.


TRX Pistol Squats, two sets of 6 repetitions on each leg followed by alternate mixed “T” and “Y” Fly’s. Again two sets of 12 repetitions with a 30 – 45 second rest interval.


TRX Lunges followed by the TRX Chest Press. Again 6 repetitions on each leg was the requirement followed by 12 repetitions on the Chest exercise. Two sets with a 30-45 second rest interval.

trx-crossing-balance-lunge chest-press

TRX Biceps followed by TRX Triceps. Again two sets of 12 repetitions each, with a 30 – 45 second rest interval.

trx-biceps-curl trx-triceps-press

TRX Obliques, 12 repetitions on each side (left and right). Two sets with the 30 – 45 second rest interval.


So, finally with the TRX exercises done I was allowed to catch my breath. Up to this point I had been okay and managed all exercises. Yes I may have struggled slightly with one or two but I came through and I completed the entire TRX routine. If only it were that easy when I got to the Kettle Bell exercises. Admittedly I was a little worn out after the TRX routine but I don’t think anything quite prepared me for what was to come.

I started off with a Kettle Bell Swing aiming for 12 repetitions followed by 12 Front Squat repetitions. The Bell weight of choice was only an 8kg one but might as well have been a hundred weight because these two exercises actually tried to kill me.


After managing my 12 Swing repetitions and then just 8 of the Front Squat, I honestly thought it was game over. I became light headed, had to sit down and thought I might be sick! Yes folks, I had something called a “Whitey” where all of the blood drains away from your head after significant effort and you feel like falling over! Still, Alex the trainer was on hand to look after me and see that I came to no harm. However, after that set we decided we would leave the those exercises alone for the rest of the session and simply did a couple final less enthusiastic Kettle Bell exercises.

Kettle Bell Shoulder Press and Kettle Bell Obliques were up next. Again both exercises were done with two sets of 12 repetitions directly after one another before being repeated after a 30 – 45 second rest interval. Again, I am afraid I have to to say that I did these with the smallest Kettle Bell in the gym – 8Kgs, mind you, at least it wasn’t pink!!

kettlebell-military-press1 Standing-oblique-crunch

And once I had finished with the Kettle Bells, it was time to hit the mat and do my abdominal exercises. These are some of my most and least favourite exercises which I know sounds daft but I think I like them because I can feel the good they are doing, plus when I am doing them, I know that is the end of the routine and I will soon be leaving the gym a happy and contented man.
The first exercise was a simple Bridge Raise followed by the Plank with Abdominal Leg Curl. Again both exercises were taken as “Super Set’s” and were completed alternately but with NO rest between the two sets this time. I did 12 Bridge Raises followed by 20 seconds of Planking Curls.

glutebridge mountain-climber

This left only one final exercise to complete, the dreaded Stability Ball Hamstring Curl. At least it was the final exercise and was done in two sets of 12 with a short 30 second respite in between each set.


And then that was me. TRX’d, Kettle Bell’d and Mat worked. I left the gym with a nice feeling of achievement, battered, but with a sense of achievement! I had enjoyed all of the exercises, even the ones that had made me feel like passing out! This means that going forward I shall use this routine many more times and endeavour to improve both my form and stamina whilst getting myself in shape.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my days training and who knows, maybe it has given you some idea’s of your own….

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

26 thoughts on “Being Put Through My Paces

  1. Emma says:

    Gyms must have really changed !
    The ropes look like gd fun but you should think about borrowing the little mouse’s crash helmet.
    Not sure about the Kettle ball.
    Just think by summer 2016 you’ll be positively strutting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    Wow….you rock it Cameron….and right back this morning…good for you….I am sitting here with a freakin carb hangover….sipping mu coffee licking my wounded ego…LOL I still feel sick to my tummy from all the crap I ate yesterday….I am pretty sure I would of lost it on the ropes….it actually looks like fun…wish my shoulder would let me try it….but its not going to happen….heading to the gym in an hour or so…waiting for the morning crowd to work through…the mid morning crowd is very sparse and the pool is normally empty…yay wish I had the money to add a gym room in my home….now I am dreaming again….LOL good job Cameron…keep it up and you will be putting Alex through the ropes…LOL

    Liked by 1 person

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