Oh There’s Going To Be Fireworks

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Here we are once again broadcasting from the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet on a Saturday morning so I hope you can all hear my loud and clear.

I would like to start todays blog by taking the opportunity of thanking all of those who got behind the voting of naming Thomson’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliner (and by the looks of it, I think it was ALL of you!) The figures of traffic I had passing through the website were absolutely amazing. I have never had that many views or shares before on the blog so thank you so much to everyone who got behind this worthy cause. An amazing 598 visitors made 832 views of the site and blew all of my expectations out of the window.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 08.16.07

It would be nice for this amount traffic to carry on, on a daily basis but I shall leave that all up to you guys! I think that since yesterday we were able to increase the votes on the site from just over 4000 to nearly 5400 so well done and thank you to everyone from this site who got on board and voted. Don’t forget, we need this voting to carry on everyday until noon on the 16th of November so I for one shall be voting daily in a bid to see if we can keep Maisie’s memory alive by naming that plane The Madger Moo!

If you were unable to yesterday, why not take the opportunity to follow this link, read the story and then vote.

Now, back to today, well, last night really. Here in the UK a great number of people attended organised Bonfires with Firework displays. This evening many more people will do likewise. This is all due to celebrating the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot that took place in 1605, when Guy Fawkes and twelve other men conspired to blow up Westminster Palace on November the 5th.
This was an attempt on the Protestant King James’ life and one of many attempts through history to restore a Catholic monarch to the throne (lets not fool ourselves that religious wars are a relatively new thing, people have been killing and maiming in the name of their God for hundreds of years).
So how to go about killing someone as high profile as a King? Well, Fawkes and his band of conspirators had leased an Undercroft beneath Westminster Palace (an Undercroft is a simple storage area underneath a building, open on all sides but covered by the building above) using it to store the gunpowder the thirteen men had stockpiled, in order to blow up the building and assassinate the King.
Unfortunately an anonymous letter was sent to a Catholic Lord asking him to stay away from the building at the time of the explosion, lest he be injured or worse, killed. This Lord, Lord Monteagle decided that he should show this letter to the King, who in turn instructed Sir Thomas Knyvet to investigate and after a search of Westminster Palace (the building where the Houses of Parliament and Lord’s are situated) they found poor old Guy Fawkes guarding the stockpiled gunpowder!

Talk about being caught red handed!

He was immediately arrested and over the next several days was tortured and finally confessed to the plot and attempted assassination. He was due to be hung drawn and quartered for his part in the plot but on the day of his execution, he fell from the scaffold and broke his neck thus saving him the painful execution of a traitor, although his body was still quartered and sent to the four corners of the kingdom as a warning to other conspirators.

For centuries afterward, an effigy of Guy Fawkes would be burnt on Bonfires around the country, with children regularly making a Guy and wandering around with it asking passersby “A penny for the guy” as they tried to make a little money for their entertainment.
The actual anniversary is the 5th of November but as we have come to learn, we never let the real anniversary date get in the way of some good old commercialism…. The organised events have massive amounts of fireworks and food trucks, bars and ticket sales. However, I do wonder how many people notice that there is no longer a “Guy” being burned and the fact that the fireworks are there to represent the unused explosives from the night of November the 5th?

So what is this little history lesson leading to and how could it possibly be linked to the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet? Well, that would be because this evening I go to my first social function for a couple of weeks and I shall be attending without the aid of alcohol to relax me. As I said the correct day for the fireworks should have been a couple of nights ago, but given that was a Thursday and the attendance figures are always greater at the weekend, most displays were scheduled a day or two later to accommodate the bigger numbers.
I am pleased to say that this will also include me BUT I shall not be adding to the commercialism as I have been invited to a Bonfire Party at a friends house this evening. This will be my first outing with no alcohol and I think a little party like this might be the best way to get back into a socialising without alcohol frame of mind, as there should be plenty of distractions, plenty of people to talk to and lots to see. Plus I will be able to leave a little earlier than I normally would do because I shall be sober and in complete control of my urge to party like its 1999 😉

All I do hope is that in my absence from home, we don’t have a repeat of last nights fireworks performance where I live, because I shall be looking after the dog for the next few days and after having already witnessed the volume of some of the explosions reverberating around the buildings in the development, I’m not sure that he will be too happy with the noises he will be forced to witness and witness them alone if I am out socialising…..

Doggy earplugs anyone?

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

14 thoughts on “Oh There’s Going To Be Fireworks

  1. Osyth says:

    Bonfire parties were the most looked forward to and exciting events of the Autumn in an age when Halloween barely existed in the UK …. I loved it. Cold noses and toesies, wrapped up warm and your face beginning to melt as the bonfire got going. Sausages and baked potatoes and definitely no alcohol. Not even for the adults – soup in cups was the order of the day back when Guy was barely cold in his grave (I’ve worn well 😉 ). Enjoy yours and be very proud when you get home and say – I did that with no booze at all 🙂


  2. AtomicMelanie says:

    Have fun at the bonfire! Late autumn bonfires are popular here in the U.S. as well, though our fireworks are primarily reserved for a certain date in July 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. New Journey says:

    Hope your having a great time at the bonfire and hope Archie is doing well, my dog hates fireworks….love the story about poor ole Fawkes….I also voted again…great ##’s…..kat


  4. sleeveforme22 says:

    I have learned how much social events can be even without any alcohol. Do I miss a a glass of wine? Absolutely? But I love the empowerment that I feel when I make that choice not to have any. I love coming home, not feeling sluggish or even buzzed but happy from the good conversations and such. I love not feeling tired the next day (alcohol even in small amounts always makes me a bit tired the next day). Enjoy the empowerment.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. jncthedc says:

    Love history, so I enjoyed the story.
    Glad to see you can look forward to an evening of socializing without the need for alcohol. Bet you will have a great time while reinforcing the message, “I can enjoy myself around people without the NEED of alcohol!” Well done. Go to. Have a wonderful time.

    Liked by 1 person

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