A Sincere And Genuine Request To All – Please Continue To Read

Morning world and thanks for tuning in. Today is a bit of a different blog and something I have never done before and am probably very unlikely to do again. As you know I blog each day about different things and I simply as people to read what I write. I ask for no other action or interaction. I love it when you leave messages and engage with me, I like to get your feedback and what you think and how your feel about anything I may have said.

It is what the WordPress community is all about, we look after each other and we help each other. Well today I am unashamedly going to try to take advantage of that very fact and ask you guys to help me out with something most unusual.

My blog is obviously followed by many people via WordPress and email, I Tweet each day about the content of the blog and I also have a Facebook page for the exclusive purpose of promoting my blog to other sections of the world. Now I know this could be regarded as shameless and self indulgent but I think we all know it is the way of things in todays social media driven world so if I want to get my blog or any message out there, I need to be on here and there….

Because I have a Facebook page friends who I have known for many years have been able to contact me and look at the blog, new friends are able to contact me and follow the blog but because I keep my Facebook pages including my personal page about the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet, people tend to visit for one thing and one thing only, to read the blog.

The following story was brought to my attention by a very dear friend whom I have known for…(well, lets not go there, a lady never reveals her age, eh Nicky…? 😉 ) and it was such a touching and heartfelt story that I felt absolutely compelled to act on it. So with all of what I have said in mind I am sure you will understand that I do not take this next part at all lightly, because I have given over todays post entirely to one end and that is helping to name a plane in memory of a young lady who died last month from cancer.

Maisie Norton from my home town of Wantage was only 17 when she sadly lost her 6 year battle with cancer. She had been diagnosed on 4 separate occasions in her short life but by all accounts she never let it take away her enthusiasm and love of life, inspiring many people both friends and strangers along the way.
She was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009 when a tumour was found on her left kidney. That kidney was removed in a six-hour operation and she was given the all-clear but unfortunately from 2012 she relapsed three further times.

Even with such horrible and at time debilitating illness, such was her infectious drive and enthusiasm Maisie was described a “remarkable” teenager, whose battle with cancer inspired hundreds of others to raise funds for research into the disease. At only 15-years of age the wise beyond her years Maisie and another young cancer sufferer inspired more than 500 people to join a sponsored run and walk by helping to transform the Market Place of our local town into a festival of fundraising for Cancer Research UK and other charities.

Only the month before, Maisie had been presented with the Jake Spicer Special Recognition Award for her fundraising at the Oxfordshire Youth Awards, yet such was her passion, she continued regardless of the accolades thrust upon her; And despite all of her remarkable fundraising achievements and battling such a voracious illness, she still felt it important to keep up with her education and study hard. In August last year she passed 11 of her GCSEs at King Alfred’s Academy, a landmark she thought she might never have reached.
That same month at the academy’s annual awards event she was presented with the Governors’ Award in recognition of her “indomitable spirit” and determination to lead a normal life.

Now I personally did not know Maisie but have met several people who’s lives were touched by her and all of them were of the opinion that this was a life taken too soon simply because she was such a wonderful young lady. It is because of this that I ask, nay implore you to do whatever you can to vote, tweet, blog and post on Facebook so we get this message as viral as is possible, making sure Maisie’s pet name “Madger Moo” be the new name given to the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Admittedly there is a first prize of £2,500 worth of holiday vouchers but we must discount any financial benefit from the equation because if the lady (Nicky) who has put this competition entry into motion actually wins, she has already decided to donate any financial benefit to the Caring Cancer Trust.

The original post from my friend Nicky was as below

“I’ve just seen a competition that Thomson are running to name one of their new aeroplanes. I straight away thought what an amazing & perfect tribute to honour someone who is truly deserving to ‘fly high’ – Maisie Norton. So let’s vote for Maisie and make this happen. Click this link to vote and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!! Please VOTE & SHARE and let Maisie fly high! If successful any prize will be donated to the Caring Cancer Trust.’

For a small glimpse at how highly regarded and much loved this young lady was, perhaps following this link to the local Oxfordshire paper will give you an idea

So again I ask you all to first of all follow this link and vote for “Madger Moo” and then ALL put the link on your own websites, blogs and Twitter feeds so as many people as possible will see the link and be able to help us up into that top five position.

This is the link in full for any of you who may be having trouble getting to the voting site.




As I said at the beginning, it is not something I usually do but it is something that I honestly believe to be so important. Let us help Maisie’s memory to travel around the world because it is simply just wrong that she will never have the opportunity to do that simple thing herself.

Please help make this tribute a reality.

‘Till tomorrow.

35 thoughts on “A Sincere And Genuine Request To All – Please Continue To Read

  1. Emma says:

    Very humbling .
    Cannot imagine having to contend with that aged 17 when you’re just starting out. She sounded like a gorgeous & courageous girl !
    Will be voting not to mention counting my own blessings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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