Red Light Spells Danger

Can’t hold out, much longer.
Red Light, means warning,
Can’t hold out, I’m burning.*

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in. An odd way to start the blog for sure, quoting a Billy Ocean song warning of red lights and danger but it was neither of those bits that piqued my interest in the lyric. No, it was the part about burning.

I know exactly how he feels because yesterday in my new gym routine, nay, practise for my gym routine my legs, Gluteus Maximus (bottom) and hamstrings were all burning and begging for mercy so much, you would have thought that I had never been in a gym before in my life let alone simply taken a few weeks off from the daily grind of training. During this time did I not achieve some pretty impressive mileage in my walking? Did I not manage to cover some great distances and report on the to you guys in my Sunday stroll sections? Well I think the answer is a definite yes on that account, however, my legs and bottom would beg to differ because the furore that they made in yesterdays gym session would have you thinking they had been laid on a bed for the past several weeks, immobile and unused.

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