A Move Toward A Return To Form

So as most of you will know by now, I returned to the gym on Monday and worked out a new gym routine which incorporated me learning some new exercises.

Yes it turns out that even old hands like me can learn new things 😉

The last time I was at the gym was only about seven weeks ago yet it really does feel like a lifetime. Way back then I was under the influence of my own standardised gym routine. Working out like any other average Joe I covered the usual intensity of work out, starting with Cardio Vascular exercises where I could get the heart working and the blood pumping. This is obviously an important part of any routine and serves as both warm up and a general fitness improving tool.

I would then move on to a machine weights based training session, focussing on repletion instead of weight. This makes the body work harder for longer thus improving fitness and lean muscle mass as opposed to bulky muscles mass where I would end up looking the Hulk but without the incredible bit 😉

At the end of this routine I would invariably do some free weights with dumb bells. Maybe shoulder shrugs, followed by bicep curls. Then last but not least was the Russian Oblique twists and the standard barbell Oblique twists. These would get my heart rate right up there as I bashed and smashed my way through the three sets of 30 repetitions with the 25kg bar.

So how have I changed it all about then?

Well, the start of the routine was not broken and I am still a firm believer in Cardio Vascular exercise, however I have started to use the Cardio more as an extended heavy warm up rather than an actual workout because now some of the Cardio element can come from the Kettle Bells.

What can I say about the Kettle Bells?

Torture? Possibly. Incredible for workouts? Definitely! Do you they get the blood pumping? Absolutely!

So how can that be?

Well it is the simple exercise that requires a good range of body motion whilst holding the Kettle Bell. You keep your back straight, squat and swing the bell between your legs in order to lift it up. Eventually I will proficient enough to lift the Bell into a standard shoulder press but that takes a little time and a little mastery that at this particular moment in time I do not have 🙂 Doing this motion or the motion of squatting on its own, really does get the heart pumping and the lungs moving so as that is literally what the Cardio element is really all about, I will be extending both my Cardio range and my strength ability along with some good motion extension. There are many other exercises to do with these Bells but at this moment we are trying to keep it relatively simple so I can learn it all over the next few weeks.

Next up was the TRX ropes.

It is hard to believe that two ropes with a handle on each end could make for such a work out, but my word, they really do! It is I am told all about making T’s, Y’s and W’s with our bodies and then creating resistance with our body weight. I have to say that I loved it. It was so new and so refreshing to train in such a way. The resistance is simple, literally the more upright you are the less resistance and the more of an angle your body is at, the greater the resistance. It is quite simple when you think about it, all angles of resistance and least resistance. After a 20 minute introduction into the TRX system where I was shown and completed one short set of each exercise, I felt as though I had the basics enough to create a small work out for myself. The east bit is, I honestly don’t think I will be needing to move with the free weights at this moment in time. Maybe I might alternate on occasion but for now I really shall concentrate of the exercises with the TRX ropes.

Finally we moved onto the mat work where my trainer developed some exercises for me to exercise my core with a couple of techniques that do not hurt the lower back and really work the abdomen so that is another couple of exercises I am looking forward to adding to my new routine.

To be honest, as you read this I may actually be back at the gym putting all of the above into practise. In fact may have already been there, tried my new work out and finished! However, regardless of this, for the next few days my gym time will literally just be me taking time to practise these new exercises with a little supervision so I am ready for Monday when Alex the Trainer is back with me to see how I manage and to show me my new program.

I am on my way back for sure….

Happy days!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

34 thoughts on “A Move Toward A Return To Form

  1. sleeveforme22 says:

    Changing routine is a great thing and it sounds like you have made some great progress at the gym this week. I’ve always wanted a kettle ball, but worry that with use at home that I’d wind up hurting myself. Glad you are going to the gym and getting down proper techniques.

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  2. edmooneyphotography says:

    Ah you have finally joined the dark side. Kettlebells are without a doubt my favourite form of exercise and torture. If it dont hurt you aint doing it right. And those Russian twists are a killer.
    One thing I have noticed about kettlebells it that unlike typical weight training, you dont bulk up which is great considering I have a muscle mass of 51% and it never went down when I started loosing weight.
    The training with a bell is only limited by your imagination and it gives a brilliant workout. there are even competitions for it if you get into it like I have,

    Best of luck and keep swinging them bells 🙂

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  3. New Journey says:

    How exciting…..I love the thought of working with ropes…..but not sure my shoulder would…I am so happy that your back at the gym….and I bet you see the results from the new workouts sooner than later…sounds like fun……cant wait to hear more…kat.

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  4. jncthedc says:

    Glad to see you re-energized. A small suggestion: When it comes to eating and exercise, I always got better results with my patients when they performed BOTH tasks in a manner they could COMFORTABLY do FOREVER! We have a tendency to become excited or motivated and (when it comes to exercise) do it too often. We do this for a week, a month, etc… and then drop out. I recommend the frequency of exercise and the duration of each session only be as frequent and as long as you can COMFORTABLY do it FOREVER. This usually translates to about 3X/week (stretching to 4 if you maintain 3X/week for at least 8 consecutive weeks), with each session lasting between 30-45 minutes.
    Only exerciseaholics can train more frequently for longer durations for their ENTIRE LIVES. The frequency I mentioned will provide maximal benefits for the average person’s duration of life. This is a much better approach than starting all gung-ho and stopping and then re-starting.
    The same applies to eating. Create a realistic meal plan. Create meals ahead of time to reduce the emotional call for, “what do I feel like?” Prepared meals create a hobby, provide better choices and provide better healthier outcomes.
    I hope these suggestions help.

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Already way ahead of you there!
      I have today started my new diet once again, to much different to the old one I followed for the past seven months but just tweaked a little. I am preparing healthy foods as I have always done but I am changing the Carb content on certain meals and enjoying the higher protein. I have been eating healthy for a while as I say so it is nothing unusual or anything I can’t do all of the time.
      As for the training, I built my training session from my experience of the gym over the past 25 years. I have run with the same program again for several months and felt that when I got ill a few weeks ago and lost the motivation it was because the train of training was broken and i needed something new to draw me back in. Today was the first day I trained on my own and even though it was only a practise it was immensely enjoyable. This itself means it will be sustainable as I only gym three times a week with a body balance class added in for good measure when I have the time.
      I appreciate your advice and certainly do take it on board and I hope that it serves me well as I ease myself into this new routine so as not to sicken myself before I see the results.
      Things are looking good for the future.

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