Everything, Will Be Better In The Morning…

Good afternoon folks and thanks for tuning in!

Yes, I know, that’s right, I said good AFTERNOON!

And do you know what, I really don’t mind one bit!

Yesterday was my last day on the writing course in Oxford and as ever by the time the day was over my head was so full I was almost in a catatonic daze. In a way I am glad that it is over but also a bit gutted that it has finished. The lecturer, Julie Hearn was an absolute star. Very knowledgeable, sharp as a tack and as smart as they come. She really does know her craft and if I can have taken anything away from the course then I am hoping it is to be a trifle more fluid in what I write – You see it turns out that just because I know what is going on in my descriptions, it doesn’t necessarily mean the reader does!! And also that I need to be a little more intense in personalising someones experience, making the reader feel what the subject is feeling.

Pretty good things to learn I think.

However, I will concede there was a downside to the course with the constant interruptions from people who can only be described as the ones who simply like the sound of their own voice. The ones you know think they already know it all, who laugh at pieces of work because they are so clever!
As I have said before, it took a great deal for me to bite my lip but I managed it and when I completed the course yesterday, Julie thanked me for being such a gracious and charming man, dealing with a room of 20 women and biting my lip when the “know it all’s” got started. I was told it could not have been easy, I blushed, agreed and bid my respects to such a clever lady then left.

However, even after the days learning had finished there was still plenty to do. I had yet to get on a bus and meet someone to collect my car before I could even consider going home. This was all fine but let me tell you, having ones own transport or walking everywhere really made me realise what a petrie dish today’s buses are! The smell on the one I sat was horrific, body odour and sweaty feet abounded the air as if it were trying to mask the smell of yet another even more dreadful smell hidden beneath it’s own stench! It was quite disgusting!
Goodness me, how the world has changed. I don’t recall these smells on buses when I was younger. Even the buses I caught to the car factory where I worked for my apprenticeship didn’t smell as bad. I suppose the fault lies with the simple day and age of cut backs on cleaning between journeys meaning issues are no longer dealt with before the next trip out….

Anyway, I didn’t start today by wanting to talk about a smelly bus, thats for sure! I suppose what I was going on to say was that by the time I got home and sat in front of this computer, I only really had the brain power to answer some emails and then it was off up the big wooden hill to Bedfordshire for some well earned rest. And believe me, that rest came easily. I was asleep in no time and even though I was awake between 5am and 6 am, I didn’t get up but simply enjoyed my down time, fell back to sleep and didn’t rise until 9.45am this morning!


So, because there is little to report about yesterday apart from my mammoth sleep fest, decided to answer my emails and comments and now I write my blog.

This is what I mean with todays title.

Taken from a song by The Rizzle Kicks from their album The Roaring 20’s it really does what it says. Go to bed shattered, a little despondent, a little fed up and get some sleep because when you rise, things will almost definitely be better.

As for me, after a good nights sleep, things are going well, I am still feeling bright and breezy, I am looking forward to the coming week with a good amount of enthusiasm. I am even looking forward to a new Sunday Stroll in the morning with Archie the Dog, so it would appear that things are most definitely getting back on track. I have a great recipe for you on Tuesday and I will have another one that I will make one day this week and publish for you next on the Tasty Tuesday. I also have a piece that I am writing for the Huffington Post that I shall attempt to finish off over the next few days and see if I can’t get that published for you all to read and like etc!

So the week ahead is looking good, the weather today is good and this afternoon I go to spend time with my friend on his Narrow Boat on one of the Canal’s near to where I live. Life is good, life is getting better and life will be great. I shall achieve everything I want to and am finally beginning to understand that although this may actually take time and not happen overnight, it will most definitely happen.

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

Illustration Header quotation by Harper Lee

14 thoughts on “Everything, Will Be Better In The Morning…

  1. Lynz Real Cooking says:

    Hi Cameron! sounds like an amazing class and wonderful that you took it! That would be wonderful to attend and maybe some day I will take a great class like that! I can’t wait for the recipe and the article! Very exciting week ahead. Lynn

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  2. Julie says:

    It must be fantastic to finally get that feeling that you will succeed, it is going to happen, however long it takes. I am still at that stage where I just don’t believe it, I dont believe I can do it. But, that will be another amazing step taken when it occurs to me that yes I can do this. Always encouraging words, thank you

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Thats the way Julie, you really can do it.
      All it takes is positivity and we all have that if we take a moment to think about all the great stuff that is going on. All day long you have thoughts that can change your life, so take one of those ideas each day and as long as its good for you, do it!
      Things will great.

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  3. New Journey says:

    Isn’t it funny, how nervous you were for the first class and when it finished you didn’t want it to be over…..life…makes me crazy sometimes…LOL…..a good sleep in is just what your body needed…sounds devine…I didn’t get up till 9a this morning….I was a awake earlier but like you I rolled over and went back into slumber land….so glad your looking forward to the new week…I have started a 7 day gym challenge for my self…and it feels good…even if I just go swim and relax in the water I will still be going to the gym…for me its the mind set…sometimes its just getting there that I am fighting…I always enjoy it after….I am excited about tasty Tuesday…love your recipes…and I quite agree public transportation is not what it used to be….have a nice Sunday my friend….kat PS my daughter and her husband are planning on living on a canal boat for a few years…and in the Oxford area…..they have a 5 year plan put together to be there…kat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Wow! Isn’t it a small world! Well if they want any advice I am sure my pal would be more than happy to help. So hopefully that might make it a little easier on them for sure. He is still in the refurbishment stage but will get there soon I am sure as things are starting to come together for him so in the winter when he has a bit more time on his hands I’m sure he would be happy to help.
      You are so right that when we don’t know what to expect, we are nervous yet when we are okay about what is happening we are good to go, I’v always been the same I suppose.
      Good luck on the next 7 days!


  4. chattykerry says:

    You have changed – not the smelly bus! It’s amazing how you can get used to an overcrowded metro train in Cairo with no one wearing antiperspirant. Now I am slightly repulsed meeting walkers on the trail whose clothes smell really strongly of washing powder. I like a few pheromones. My Egyptian cat likes to wash my underarms when I need a shower – now there’s a hint…LOL!

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