The Eleventh Hour

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It is the eleventh hour and I am just starting my tome for todays blog.

Now I have always known what the saying “Leaving it until the eleventh hour” has meant and my past history has pretty much been that I don’t do that (yes there have been a few frenzied posts written on the day) but today I am leaving it until the eleventh hour and it really is the eleventh hour! Now I could have written this piece on this very morning, but this very morning I want to concentrate on writing 500 words for the effective writing course I am currently attending and I think if I wake thinking about this blog I shall be sidetracked into doing anything but writing 500 words…. – that was a whole lot of writing there, I hope you kept up!

Now normally I would at this stage of the day be quite concerned that I had not written anything or that I had no idea what I was going to write about but do you know what? Since everyone has told me I need to step back and do what is right for me, I honestly do not feel like this. Yesterday’s blog was so positively received by so many of you that I am finally understanding that I need not worry if I haven’t got everything worked out, I need not worry if my food is not written down (and today I had a very good food day with good choices made throughout and low calorie and carbohydrate count’s) I need not worry if I have no screenshots for you guys to look at because you will trust that I did walk the dog yesterday (admittedly it was only a slow and short walk because my young nephews and niece had tired him out with the ball just before our walk) and you trust that I did not go to the gym but that I was still relatively active.

I am feeling the start of a re-energisation coming over me. I feel that I am kind of throwing off the shackles of fulfilling my self imposed, answerable to my audience and totally accountable for all of my actions. I need to learn to relax and go with the flow a little, I need to enjoy what I do. Basically I need to follow all of the fantastic tips that were left for me in all of the comments that I received yesterday.

Yesterday I had for the first time in a long while an enjoyable day. I enjoyed a walk with the dog, I enjoyed the sunshine on my face (yes, it was sunny here in dear old Wantage) and I enjoyed my trip into the countryside to pick up some of my family so they could visit my mother. Most of all, I enjoyed spending time with the three young children that came to visit along with my brother and sister in law.
I have in the past taken this for granted but yesterday? Well yesterday I actually spent the entire time with them at my mothers house whereas usually I would have disappeared after sticking my head through the door. I would have said hello and then been off to do something on my own leaving them all to get on with their visit.

Maybe I am growing up, maybe I am beginning to understand that certain things are important, maybe it was just what I needed after the self loathing of the previous two days but I do know it was most definitely the most enjoyable thing I had done for several weeks and that is what I needed for sure.

So today see’s me a trifle brighter and more settled, smiling at life and feeling that I am on the cusp of the next stage of my journey. Yes I know it is early days but as Osyth from Half Baked In Paradise proffered as soon as I start to “Let it Be” things will start to flow instead of pushing me where I might not want to go.

So as the old saying goes “Onward and Upward!”

Tally Ho!

‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

18 thoughts on “The Eleventh Hour

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Well long may it continue. Again today I feel a much happier person. I have written for my coursework and I shall write for my blog a bit later. I have no idea what about but I will just have to see how it goes. I have also been to meet with the Gym and discuss my training going forward AND I have even managed to put some things up for sale of the dreaded eBay!
      So far so good….


  1. jncthedc says:

    Well done. Reducing self imposed stress allows the body to relax and the mind to enjoy. Sounds like you are beginning to feel these benefits. There will be plenty of ebbs and flows, but that is reality. The trick is having “something” positive to turn to when these moments arrive without warning. When the stress shoots up, the “something” (activity, event, person, etc) is utilized to balance the effects. This helps smooth out the emotional duress and allows for a quicker recovery to positive feelings and actions. This strategy is easy and effective. I hope you find it beneficial.
    Stay happy and healthy!

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    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      That is exactly what I need, I need the”something” positive to turn to instead of the something destructive that I have been using for the past twenty plus years. It will take a while to identify and a while to sort but I will get there of that I know.
      Thanks again for the great words and the encouragement. You Sir, are a gentleman for sure 🙂

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  2. New Journey says:

    sounded like a wonderful day….glad you stuck around and enjoyed some family time….sounds like your taking care of you…life is all about caring for you first….then it all falls in to place….enjoy life Cameron…its way to short….and I woke up feeling a little better but my arthritic shoulder is screaming don’t move me….advil work your magic……LOL kat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      I did have a great day for sure and am so glad I stuck around.
      It’s always good to see family, I just never really realised it before I suppose.
      Yes I am making strides towards me, making time for me. Today has been very productive, I have cleared my head and got so many things done that I needed to it’s like a weight has lifted.
      I really don’t envy your pain Kat, I hope you can find a solution and get comfortable. I am sure as you lose weight some of the pain will reduce so let’s hope it becomes more manageable as each week passes.
      Be well.


  3. Amanda says:

    I need to take a page from “the 11th hour”. Getting a bit too rough on myself and would prefer not to blog on my own site until I get out of this depressed hole. I will likely re-read the post a few times this week. Thanks, Cameron!

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