HENRY A Charity To Change Children’s Futures

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in on another great Friday as it takes us rushing headlong/ meandering slowly (delete accordingly depending on how your day is going 😉 ) into the weekend.
As you may now know, I am now busy on a Friday as I am trying to learn how to write right 😉 although I am suffering a crisis of self belief as I wonder if there is any point in the stories I spin, especially after the struggle I had with my homework and the fact I am beginning to question my ability to actually write creatively. However, I suppose that is a conversation for another time because one thing I do know that I have gotten right is the simple decision to join the ranks of the charity HENRY – Health, Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young.

I can now honestly say what a great institution it is and how wonderful it is to be involved with so many people who want to help solve the problem of obesity in this country and do it not for recognition but simply for the betterment of our society.

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