An Autumn Festival – Sustainable And Friendly

So on Sunday instead of walking the dog, I attended the local Autumn Fayre. A fund raising event put on locally by several committed members of the community so that aimless folk like me might take a walk around and buy some stuff!


So after following the signs to one of the local schools, I met some friends and we made our way into the Festival. It turned out to be very food and craft biased. The food of this year was the apple with an apple press taking prize of place meaning there was freshly made (or pressed) apple Juice to be tasted. People were able to bring their own apples from home and their own bottles and make use of the press so they could take a taste of the Autumn Fayre home with themselves. The only problem with the apple press was that it was so over subscribed, I never managed to get a photo of it!
Still no matter, because the first thing that hit you when you went through the door was the smell of curry and boy was it a grand smell.

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