Happiness, Happiness!

The greatest gift that I possess…..*

As sung by the comedian Ken Dodd, it is a daft little ditty but one that puts a smile on your face whether you like it or not 😉

It is an emotive song and is infectious just like the emotion of happiness is itself. Try to be miserable when you are around an infectiously happy person, I guarantee you will not feel like that for long. Yes, I admit there are some people who could suck the fun from any lemon and still consider it too sweet but on the whole we are a breed of people who are here to like and be liked, to make others happy and to be happy ourselves.

I can obviously only speak from my own experiences but I can categorically state that I am a much happier person today than I was two years ago.

This is because two years ago I felt as though I had the world on my shoulders, I could not see the wood for the trees, I could not see how my life would ever be any better. I was depressed, unhappy with my lot, angry with the world and angry with myself because I felt as though I had let myself down.

Everything I did was of an negative ilk. I drank to forget the pain of who I really was and tried to become someone I wanted to be. I was well liked by many but I didn’t like myself along with many others who didn’t like me either.

After two years plus of feeling pretty bloody lousy I can absolutely state this fact – Happiness is without doubt linked to confidence and self esteem.

If we are feeling low on confidence then we are worrying about what the world might be thinking of us. If we are worrying what the world might be thinking of us then we are not happy. Likewise if we have poor self esteem then we are not going to be at our happiest. Take for example if you will your new outfit. You have spent a couple of hours showering, preening and preparing. You are washed to within an inch of your life, you look in the mirror and think “You know what, I don’t scrub up too badly at all” You dress in your latest gear, stand there and without realising it are more happy and confident because sub consciously you look and feel good. This creates a good positive feeling around you and thats what draws people towards you. It’s why people pay you complements and can consider you an intellectual equal, a person who can entertain all around them, who can handle the accolades and the many and varied comments that come your way.

Paradoxically, now flip this and imagine you have not showered for a couple of days, you are wearing an old scabby pair of sweat pants, an old Tee Shirt and are struggling to see the point in actually getting up out of your bed or off of the sofa. Your friends comes round to see you and they see a shambles of a person. Someone who needs help, who has no confidence, is unable to fend for themselves and most of all is unhappy.

You are less likely to do the things you want if you are unhappy, less likely to accept the challenges set by your own self. Less likely to achieve the goals you might so dearly want to achieve.

This was how I could feel up for to half of my week. It was not unusual for me to not want to leave the house. To wear jogging bottoms when I did and certainly to never worry too much about how I looked. However, today see’s me seven months (and a couple of days) post surgery and in that time I have changed. I have lost weight and my confidence has risen. I have started to come out of my shell and my moods improved as my self esteem has risen. As these two things have changed so has my happiness and as my happiness has improved, so have these two main stalwarts of mood improved alongside.

I now never leave the house unless I am dressed appropriately. Yes I still wear gym kit but that is because I am exercising, but if I go to an appointment, attend a course or simply do anything that does not include my exercise then I am dressed correctly with a brush pulled through my hair and an iron drawn over my clothes.

All of this is because I am happy, confident and above all positive and because of this I can now understand what Keith Johnson meant when he said “Those who say ‘yes’ are rewarded by the adventures they have”

Now if you will excuse, I’m off to Oxford for an adventure in writing.

FOOD DIARY:Wednesday 14th October

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  2  75gms  Rye Bread Toasted  286  7.4  72.4  2.2
 2  Large  Scrambled Eggs  164  15.6  0  11.4
Lunch  1 Small Bowl Keema Palak  185  28  5.5  4
Dinner  1  50gms  Wholegrain Rice  70  1.5  12.25  1.5
 1 Small Bowl  Homemade Chicken Curry  175  19  13  7
 1/2  Naan  Plain Naan  95  13  24  9
Snacks  1 Mini Muffin Egg, Cottage Cheese and Ham Muffin. 130  18  4  4
 2  400mls Latte  210  12  18  8
 2  400mls  Tea  11.8  0  0.8  0
Totals  1326.8  114.5  149.95  47.1
Water  2  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

Food wasn’t too bad to be honest although once again my carbs were up having consumed Rye Bread toast and Naan Bread on the same day. I am sure that one day I shall get the hang of this 😉

The exercise for yesterday was pretty non existent as I was in class most of the day and by the time it I was ready to leave, had started to suffer from the lightheadedness that is the second part of the virus I had last week. By all accounts there is a viral infection that comes in two parts. The first just wipes you out then it goes only to be replaced by a second that makes you tired later in the day and makes you lightheaded if you move too quickly. Fortunately because of the tiredness, the chances of moving too quickly are very slim 😉

I honestly do hope to be back fighting fit after my false start and what feels like countless excuses to you guys but if I cannot manage the exercise then there appears little point in it. At least however I am otherwise well so am able to walk a little and concentrate on my course I attended yesterday and the new course I shall attend today on Creative Writing. This is a course which takes place over the next three Friday’s and teaches effective writing skills in the creative genre, so at least I am well enough to attend my first one!

So my quiet day only ended up equating to just over 2,500 steps so although it was not very good, at least I wasn’t sofa bound for the entire day.


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

Happiness, Written by Tony Brassington, Performed by Ken Dodd

20 thoughts on “Happiness, Happiness!

  1. New Journey says:

    Good Morning Cameron….I find happiness to be infectious…its fun to be a room with workers that are all crabby and cranky and sit there with a smile and humming a little tune of joy…pretty soon someone smiles and then the next…its like being in a room where someone lites up a cig…they all lite up…LOL so happy that you are no longer the homeless man living at home…LOL that’s what I thought of when you were describing staying home in your sweats, unshaven, and not wanting to leave…..great post….really hit the nail on the head….being overweight really limits your life in more ways than one…have a lovely day, hope your feeling better….I am on my way to dream land…..kat

    Liked by 3 people

  2. poshbirdy says:

    What an inspiration you are! It’s one of those chemical reactions with happiness, and sometimes we all need to work just that little bit harder to stay on top of things – but you have obviously mastered the art

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sleeveforme22 says:

    Don’t you feel naturally attracted to a happy person? I feel like they just are so open and comfortable with themselves and their place in life that people naturally want to talk to them, meet them, etc. And to think we are becoming THAT person is so cool!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. simplysandilynn says:

    As always, great post, Cameron! I am typically a happy person, but I can tell a big difference in my overall attitude since I’ve started losing the weight. I feel like I’m getting my groove back. It’s a good feeling, and I feel that people are overall drawn more to my attitude than my actual appearance.

    Liked by 1 person

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