Calm Down Dear! It’s Only A Commercial….

These were the famous words of Michael Winner when appearing on a daft UK Car Insurance commercial. Mind you, daft the advert may have been, the words have stuck with me for a goodly while for sure and for todays blog I firmly believe they can be described as apt.

As you guys know I have started to attend a course that includes modules on Confidence, Stress Management and other issues that are sent to try us in our daily lives.

Yes, I know that on the first day of the course I actually got off to an inauspicious start by having a full on anxiety attack, but after a calming chat on the telephone with the course tutor, I was able to gather my thoughts and turn up for the afternoons lesson which turned out to be a good deal less of an issue than I had built up in my mind, so much so the next week I was able to attend the entire day of the course and learnt a good deal able why I have allowed myself to get stressed over the past several years.

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