A Sunday Stroll With Autumnal Tones

Good morning world and welcome to a new week here on planet earth.

Sorry for being a bit late on parade with this post but I had my office decorated over the weekend and therefore had no where to type until later last night, by which time I was absolutely shattered!

Still, we are here now so lets enjoy the Sunday Stroll together shall we?

Yes I know for some of you your working week may have begun a good while ago and for others, as this posts, you are still enjoying your Sunday evening…. but then that is the beauty of having a blog that stretches around the globe… 🙂

So anyway, yesterday/this morning (delete as necessary) I decided to take a good walk now that I appear to have my energy levels back on the rise, so the dog and I did a circuit we have done a couple of times before but unusually we did it in reverse (which meant walking UP a killer hill) and we did the entire trip from and back to our front door rather than driving somewhere to leave the car and head off from there.

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