Just Popped In For My Quarterly MOT

Morning everyone, hope life is treating you well.

Yesterday I went to the Oxford Bariatric Clinic for my three month check up.

As you guys probably know, I have been feeling decidedly left over for about two weeks now so I was determined to get some answers even if I really didn’t feel like travelling to the hospital which is only about 20 miles from my home.

When I woke in the morning I had my feeling crappy head on and although it eventually passed I still didn’t feel great. I even dressed in my gym kit in a vain hope that I could get a rush of blood to the head and start to feel well enough to do a little activity, alas it was not meant to be 😦

Anyway. There was some good news yesterday. The consultant gave me the all clear for the six month check up and after listening to my symptoms, concurred with my GP’s diagnosis from last night that it was simply a hangover from the flu jab and should pass. I was told I was right to be concerned but considering the type of procedure I had, there should not be too much in the way problems that occur from it and certainly none that would make me more susceptible to any virus or not.

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