No Stroll….? Stop The Press!

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Unfortunately today there is no Sunday Stroll to report on and because of this it will be a very short “Hello Goodbye” post!

Yesterday I achieved the sum total of nothing. I had to cancel my big plans for the Sunday Stroll because I spent most of the day in my bed feeling a trifle under the weather. What was wrong I do not know but suffice to say I was tired and out of sorts.

A friend very kindly took the dog for his walk so I was spared the guilt of him missing his exercise however, I was reduced to spending the day on the sofa and in my bed as I simply could not shake that tiredness and lethargy I have been experiencing all week. Hopefully this will be it’s parting shot and will now leave me to get on with my life, get back to my training and most of all, simply get my daily routine back.

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