Oh How Things Change As The Years Go By

So welcome once again to Sunday, a day of rest for some, a day of activity for others.

Only one thing to say about this.

It’s not like it used to be.

Sundays used to be quiet and dull. As Morrissey sang in 1988 (Yes! nearly 30 years ago!) “Everyday is like Sunday, everyday is silent and grey” Unfortunately this is no longer an analogy that could be used because in this day and age, that Sunday feeling really no longer exists in the way it used to.

As a small boy I would get up in the morning and not being a church going family would head straight out to the local “green” and play football, calling for like minded pals along the way. And as I did this my mother would cook a roast dinner – because it was a Sunday and my father was often found doing a morning’s overtime at his work in the car factory.

Now even I remember when working on a Sunday was paid at a premium because you were helping out the greater cause but somehow it became simply another part of the working week and is now so expected I don’t even think that it attracts any kind of enhancement.

Anyway, back to the olden days or as some would call them the golden days. If ever I am asked I think the reason we went and played football at every opportunity is because games consoles like Atari, Sega and Playstation didn’t exist back then so there was precious little else to do. If kids think they are bored nowadays with all of the stuff available to them, imagine how it was back in the days before my generation! Those were a post war time of austerity and boredom was a way of life. I was lucky that all we needed was a football and a couple of jumpers and we were set.

Anyway, I digress. Sundays used to be the archetypal everything slows down to a standstill. People took a gentle stroll after their lunches (not me, I was back to the football pitch 😉 ) or they had a snooze in front of the TV whilst watching the BIG Match which was free and didn’t require cables or satellites, just the ability to get up off of your backside and change the channel on the TV set to one of the THREE that were available back then.
Maybe if you were feeling energetic you might clean your car or if it had a problem then it may need to be tinkered with so it could be used in the morning. Today, if the car is dirty we take it to a power wash or a foam roller car wash and god forbid if there is a problem with the car, well good luck understanding what goes on under the bonnet with all of the computers and electronics that now take care of everything so that we might have the low emissions we must all worry now about (well according to the media we do….)

Now do not get me wrong, I do not hanker for the past at all because I have become too used to the world as it is, living in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century where things have to change lest they become outdated and no longer viable. As you know I regularly shut myself off from the world on a Sunday by taking myself off for a good long walk but I am safe in the knowledge that should I need that pint of milk or that piece of fish for my dinner then I can always pop to the shop and pick it up. If I forget a piece of material for a DIY job I can simply go to the local hardware store and pick it up so the job isn’t delayed (to sure if that second example is a good thing or not!) Everything is accessible. Everything has changed. Everything is in a rush and everything is convenient.

SO Sunday is fast becoming simply another day that is plain to see across the generations. The older ones still live in the era of Roast Dinners and walks after lunch where as the younger ones take their free time to go shopping or socialise in the pubs making the most of the weekend.

So what is this post all about?  Well I suppose I am trying to offer the analogy of how times change, cultures change and people change. In the days of yore that I speak of there were many less Obese people because the world wasn’t created for convenience, there weren’t the fast food alternatives. Meals weren’t ready made and people took time to prepare food themselves because there were less things to interfere with our lifestyles. Back then there was little or no thought to how we treated other cultures or races. Sexuality wasn’t discussed because it didn’t exist in the eyes of the media or the law. Religious wars were fought somewhere far away and as long as it didn’t affect a working man’s right to a pint of a Friday night or Sunday lunchtime then very few people cared.

Today though, we are all clued up on what is right and wrong. We have our opinions on other nations and terror organisations made for us by our government spin doctors, we have so many ways of keeping up with the daily cycle of life that you cannot literally get away from it even if you were in outer space. We are told we must be nice to other people, we must not care about cast, creed or colour. We should not concern ourselves if someone is straight or gay but only if they are morally corrupt.

Yes, as I say on the whole things have changed for the better, but in an age where everything is accepted as long as it harms no other person it still amazes me that the one thing the modern world still won’t allow is for you to get FAT.

No, that really wouldn’t do at all.

FOOD DIARY:Friday October 2nd 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  2  75gms  Toasted Rye Bread.  286  7.4  72.4  2.2
 1  Mini Muffin Egg, Cottage Cheese and Ham Mini Muffins.  130  18  4  4
Lunch  1  Small Bowl Quinoa and Greek Feta Prawn Salad  198  25  13  7.9
Dinner  1 Small Bowl  Beef Noodle and Dumpling Stew  326  17  10  4
Snacks  2  400mls  Tea  11.8  0  0.8  0
 1  400mls  Latte  105  6  9  4
Totals  1056.8  73.4  109.2  22.1
Water  2  500mls  Mineral Water  0  0  0  0

So yesterday was spent writing and walking. The walks were pretty good considering it was a simple trip out to pass some time and the food wasn’t too bad although the figures are relate to the day before. All was good and the macro’s from the Stew were on the button from the days intake.

As for the days exercise it turned to be not too bad with me managing 11949 steps but there was still no proper gym or power walking. I hope that today I shall be able to walk a good distance and enjoy the fruits of the Sunday Stroll’s labour.

But for now we shall simply go with the screenshot that affords us the fact that even on my day off I am still mixing it up with the best of them…..


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

13 thoughts on “Oh How Things Change As The Years Go By

  1. Osyth says:

    I’m a fan of the old Sunday – we live in a blended world which is increasingly disposable and I am sure it is fair comment that the pace of life is contributing to the obesity crisis.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    Remember those Sundays well. Hanging around outside “Centre News” , scrimping all our pocket money together to buy Slush Puppies.
    The lovely Roast, taking the edge of that, back to school feeling, it had to be eaten quickly so you could find a tape to record top 40.
    Seriously though, it is bewildering when we live In a society where it seems more socially acceptable to murder, than it is to be ” Fat, A female alcoholic, or (on a lighter note, A Country + Western Fan ) have fun with Archie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sleeveforme22 says:

    It feels like, while things are more convenient in a sense, it just contributes to the daily multi-tasking that keeps us all so busy that we forget to enjoy moments.

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  4. New Journey says:

    Ahhh the good ole days, when Sunday was about families getting together at the lake eating, and getting to eat a giant piece of watermelon, letting juice run down your chin…LOL and having to wait the 30 minutes before going in so we don’t get cramps,…playing in the yard, tag, volley ball, the good ole crochet….then having a big dinner and yummy deserts and circling around the tv to enjoy Lawrence Welk or if we were lucky Tarzan or Mutual of Omaha, to see all the exotic animals and different countries that were to far away to dream of visiting…!!! We were not a big church family as well….we never went out to eat, I didn’t even know that existed until we moved to the west coast…and then it had to be a really special event as we only had Kalaloch lodge to eat at….we had a drive through, but the only thing we ever got there as a young child was soft ice cream cones…ahhh the memories of how it used to be….in the fall we built kites and flew them in the field by our home….great post Cameron, it brought my mind back a few years….but I agree, even when my kids were small, there was no cellular, we had an Atari but it was for adults…LOL my ex protected is precious gaming machine…I never played it….my kids grew up with Sundays being days to play and get ready for school…we all sat down for a nice meal of something or other…lol my son had the computer games to play when he was young but he was to busy copying music to sell to play games…lol
    thanks for making me go back down memory lane for a few awhile…
    looks like your getting your groove back one, over 10,000 steps!! .

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  5. New Journey says:

    I meant to mention about sitting in front of the computer: when I worked in medical records and most of my day was sitting at charts or computers, we automatically had to have an ergonomist person come out and check our working areas periodically, she recommended for every 1/2 hour your in your chair you stand , walk in a circle for about 5 or 6 times, stretch a little and then sit back down, and to remember to keep your back straight and no slump…that’s a hard one for me..and my eye doc said for every 30 minutes you are looking at a computer screen you must look away for 30 seconds and focus on something in the distance, even longer if you can…just some info I was taught at my old job and I try to use it when I am sitting infront of the computer screen….especially the looking away as my eyes get tired easily….kat

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