Reasons To Be Cheerful

Good morning world and welcome to the weekend! I honestly thought I might be a little late on parade this morning as yesterday I went to the chiropractor to have my back pain looked at and amazingly enough after some discussion, both he and I think it has been caused by sitting in front of this computer! So to that end I was told to avoid it for 24 hrs at least. What can I say, I managed about 12 hours before withdrawal set in and am now having to write this on the very morning you get to read it so I hope through my sleepy haze we can both make some kind of sense of it all….

Anyway, back to the weekend and I trust you are looking forward to just as an enjoyable time as I am and to get things started on a much more happy note than I ended them yesterday, I should like to share with you some reasons that the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet should be cheerful. I have never actually made a list before for my blog so I would like to make one now around my halfway mark and see how it compares with the one I shall try to remember to make at the end of the blog in 8 months time (reminders for this will come in handy for sure 😉 )

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