Everything, Will Be Better In The Morning…

Good afternoon folks and thanks for tuning in!

Yes, I know, that’s right, I said good AFTERNOON!

And do you know what, I really don’t mind one bit!

Yesterday was my last day on the writing course in Oxford and as ever by the time the day was over my head was so full I was almost in a catatonic daze. In a way I am glad that it is over but also a bit gutted that it has finished. The lecturer, Julie Hearn was an absolute star. Very knowledgeable, sharp as a tack and as smart as they come. She really does know her craft and if I can have taken anything away from the course then I am hoping it is to be a trifle more fluid in what I write – You see it turns out that just because I know what is going on in my descriptions, it doesn’t necessarily mean the reader does!! And also that I need to be a little more intense in personalising someones experience, making the reader feel what the subject is feeling.

Pretty good things to learn I think.

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A Bit Of A Disaster And A Little Whinging

Well yesterday I wrote an entire post for this morning.

There were issues with my internet from about 2pm in the afternoon, so I wrote the post using the iPhone as a hotspot.

This morning I have woken to find that it is nowhere to be found, not in WP, my browser cache or even in the restore section of the WordPress.

I am so gutted!

Today I have my writing class so am having to leave in a moment (07:30 UK time) to get to that and have no time to write anything else.

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The Eleventh Hour

Good morning world and thanks for tuning in.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It is the eleventh hour and I am just starting my tome for todays blog.

Now I have always known what the saying “Leaving it until the eleventh hour” has meant and my past history has pretty much been that I don’t do that (yes there have been a few frenzied posts written on the day) but today I am leaving it until the eleventh hour and it really is the eleventh hour! Now I could have written this piece on this very morning, but this very morning I want to concentrate on writing 500 words for the effective writing course I am currently attending and I think if I wake thinking about this blog I shall be sidetracked into doing anything but writing 500 words…. – that was a whole lot of writing there, I hope you kept up!

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And I Think To Myself What A Wonderful (Cyber) World

Almost in the words of the great Louis Armstrong, I would just like to say what a wonderful Word Press world we live in. This community is a warm and caring place with so many like minded souls all trying to find their way on this hectic road that is life.

I must confess to recently losing my way. My dedication to my blog has dropped, my dedication to my training has dropped (well, fallen off of a cliff if I am honest) and my dedication to eating healthily has definitely waned along with them.

Yes, I am still walking but not the huge distances I once was. Yes I am still blogging but to my mind not at the same level I started out at and yes I still eat well, but some rubbish has crept in alongside the heathy and I am feeling as though I am letting myself down somewhat.

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Tasty Tuesday Brings A Healthy Treat

Morning world and thanks for tuning in.

I am feeling a trifle better so am able to offer a touch more for you to read today in the form of a wholesome recipe.


So for the second time since starting this Tasty Tuesday part of my blog, I am here to offer a tasty and healthy treat for you to make and make it you should because it is EASY!

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Nothing Doing

Morning World!

Nothing to report today as I rather let myself down yesterday and took the shackles off somewhat.

This means that unless you want to hear about my very boring day having a quick walk with the dog and then finding myself in the pub, I have very little to say!

So I find myself feeling a little worse for wear and a trifle annoyed with myself but they say you must let your hair down every now and then, I just wish I could make a decision and stick to it i.e. not drink alcohol.

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A Bit Of Sleuthing On The Cards

Oh what a lovely lay in that was. I am so glad I decided to do this at the weekend especially the day after the writing lesson when my brain is pretty fried and all I want when I get home is a walk, a glass of wine (I know! Where did that come from?) and my bed!

Anyway, the lay in is over so lets move onward and upward and get this sucker written…!

I shall as always start by saying good morning everyone and thanks for tuning in 😉 Once again the weekend is upon us and I for one am going to take the opportunity to use the free time (yeah, right 😉 ) to enjoy myself and try my hand at a touch of amateur sleuthing like old Sherlock Holmes himself once did….

Why on earth would you do that Cameron?


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HENRY A Charity To Change Children’s Futures

Good Morning world and thanks for tuning in on another great Friday as it takes us rushing headlong/ meandering slowly (delete accordingly depending on how your day is going 😉 ) into the weekend.
As you may now know, I am now busy on a Friday as I am trying to learn how to write right 😉 although I am suffering a crisis of self belief as I wonder if there is any point in the stories I spin, especially after the struggle I had with my homework and the fact I am beginning to question my ability to actually write creatively. However, I suppose that is a conversation for another time because one thing I do know that I have gotten right is the simple decision to join the ranks of the charity HENRY – Health, Exercise and Nutrition in the Really Young.

I can now honestly say what a great institution it is and how wonderful it is to be involved with so many people who want to help solve the problem of obesity in this country and do it not for recognition but simply for the betterment of our society.

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The Wednesday Walk

Yes I know it’s a Thursday and that I did this walk on Tuesday but Wednesday Walk has more of a ring to it, just like the Sunday Stroll….

Anyway, enough of my excuses, here we go lets just get into the walk around Snelsmore Common and Donnington Valley. Basically these are in the same place, its just that the common is fenced off and separate from the valley. The walk itself is one that is recommended by The AA (Automobile Association) and is one that I can thoroughly recommend with some good descents and climbs throughout the woods and glades.

To be honest I have never had part of a walk described as a sunny glade but on this occasion, as I followed the description laid out by The AA, those were the exact chosen words. I suppose it was just as well it was sunny otherwise I would have missed them…. 😉

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