The Sunday Stroll – If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

So yesterday was Sunday once more and Archie and I wanted to stretch our legs. With decisions no currently being made about next years Charity Walk I felt we best make the most of our freedom to choose a flatter terrain (or so I thought…) for yesterdays walk and because of that we made our way to a place called Shotover Park near Oxford for a walk in the woods.

As you know we normally walk along the Ridgeway on a Sunday and this will continue again because I have decided on the dates of the Charity Walk now being early June (around the 6th) which should be the day after I hit 500 posts on this blog. This will be the day I start the 87 mile Ridgeway walk, a walk I expect to take me in the region of five days. I shall then complete this and immediately travel 300 miles north to Hadrian’s Wall (another famous walk) that stretches from one side of the UK to the other covering the 84 miles from Bowness to Wallsend and again aim to do this in five days also. The first walk I am thinking will be a great deal easier to manage as I am local to it and will have support locally to bring food and water and take away rubbish and the like. However, I am sure things will be different at Hadrian’s Wall as I currently have no real support there so may need to be a touch more self sufficient!

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