A Return To Being The Media Tart

Good morning everyone and I hope this latest post finds you well and happy with everything that life is currently offering. I know I for one am still in a good place, facing my challenges as they are presented and dealing with them to the best of my abilities.

One such challenge is being interviewed on the TV and even though I have done it before, I must confess that I felt a little nervous this time. I can only assume the nervousness came from the fact that people are going to see what I am now looking like as opposed to what I did look like and although I still have a long way to go, it is still a “semi reveal” for me so I suppose it adds to the whole sense of occasion.

So anyway, as I said last week, the TV asked to see me again to do a catch up interview, to check in on my progress and see exactly where I was with my weight loss program and when the time and date came, so did the camera and the reporter and their faces were a picture when I opened the door. The usual jaw drop moment and then the “Wows!” all came pouring out. I admit that I am almost becoming used to this kind of response but however, I do still enjoy it….!

After a little congratulation time for me we sat ourselves down and devised a plan of action, discussing what might look good and how we could incorporate different elements of my weight loss into the piece. After the plan was made, we set about filming with me being interviewed in a nice relaxed manner whilst sat on my couch, after which it was a quick wardrobe change showing the clothes I now wear as opposed to the ones I used to wear (very cliched but I suppose it works as a reference between old and new!!) And after a second wardrobe change we moved into the kitchen so the cameraman could film me making up a Quinoa and Greek Feta PrawnSalad – one of my absolute favourite dishes. After this it was the final filming at home and was done as ever in front of my computer where I am currently sat 🙂
I was filmed writing my blog and answering some of your comments, we then filmed me scrolling through one of the posts where there was a picture of me then (six months ago) and now (one month ago) which is absolute gravy for television – or so I am told!
Finally, it was my last wardrobe change of the day and I was off to the gym with the cameraman and reporter in tow. The camera kit was set up at one of the weight machines (pec deck) and we managed some very cheesy links and interviews that I am sure will be perfect in their own context when edited into the story but at the time I felt like I was cringing. Mind you, Adina the reporter and Jono the cameraman have not let me down yet so I see no reason for them to start now…!

Eventually as all good things must come to an end, so did the filming with some technical hitches. We were at the last shot of me being weighed and then measured and we needed a close up of the scale numbers. Unfortunately the scales in the Gym were being repaired and so we used a generic digital set. No problem I hear you say? Well not the first time when it registered me as 17stone and 3lbs but it certainly was an issue on the close up when it read I was 18stone and 9lbs, then 12stone and 4lbs, then 14stone 6lbs…. The madness from the scales continued and we decided to call it a day!

So by now, you will have probably seen my third trip onto the television and you will more than likely be fed up of me, but you will at least now know what went on behind the scenes of the little three minute piece that was broadcast. The nicest of all of this though (for me, possibly not you guys… 😉 ) was the fact that Adina said they had plans to come back again and see what I was like at 12 months (next March) and that they would be interested in my charity walk along the Ridgeway next year so fingers crossed all of that happens and we get the point across that fat people need our help and not our hate.

I will post the details of the TV appearance as soon as I have them as it appears to have been pushed once already.

FOOD DIARY:Monday 21st September 2015

Qty Measure Food Calories (gr) Protein (gr) Carbs (gr) Fat (gr)
Breakfast  1  350mls  Phd Diet Whey Protein  182  34  5.5  2.8
 2 Mini Muffins Egg, Cottage Cheese and Ham Mini Muffins.  260  36  8  8
Lunch  1 Small Bowl  Quinoa and Greek Feta Prawn Salad  198  25  13 7.2
Dinner  1  200gms  Chilli Con Carne  202  27  18  6.6
 1  50gms  Wholegrain Basmati Rice  70.5  1.55  12.25  1.5
Snacks  2  400mls  Tea  11.8  0  0.8  0
 2  19gms  Chocolate Hobnobs  184  2.6  22.8  8.8
 1  100gms  Chilli Con Carne  101  13.5  9  3.3
Totals  1209.3 139.65  89.35  38.2
Water  3  500mls  Sparkling and Still Mineral  0  0  0  0

So the food for Monday was back on a much more even keel. Protein only for breakfast as there was no gym – well, no gym apart from the “pretend session” I performed whilst being filmed… Oh the magic of television…. 😉
As the day progressed I continued my good start to being back in control of my food desires and by the end of the day, I was happy with all of my choices, allowing myself a little Basmati rice to go with the Chilli I cooked for yesterday’s Tasty Tuesday and even having a second helping of the chilli a little later in the day… 😉

As for the exercise it was supposed to be a complete no go for any serious work as the blisters on my feet were at melting point to say the least and every step was agony. I ended up having to see the Nurse about them so after to had inspected them, dressed them and then put me on antibiotics to ward off any possible infection. But that said she did such a good job that I was able to wear a pair of soft heeled training shoes and take a gentle walk with the dog and head to the Gym for a little workout time. I maybe should have avoided it but a recent lack of significant exertion was beginning to take it’s toll mentally so I sucked the pain and hit the gym

So given that I was relatively sedentary yesterday, at least I was able to get the Map My Walk to capture this screenshot after I had finished a shortish jaunt with Archie


And the Polar H7 recorded some okay calorie burn in the region of 709 calories.


Which wasn’t too poor considering it came after a gym session that wasn’t too far away from where I was before my illness. Admittedly the Cardio was down by one level on the bike and two on the cross trainer but I still managed the same times and effort levels regardless of feeling a little tender in the foot and a little puffed out and red in the face! I also ended up with some pretty good figures prior to my strength training even if there were a few adjustments required.

  1. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Abductor machine
  2. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Adductor machine
  3. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Abdominal Crunch machine
  4. 2 x 30 Reps 35kg Lower Back machine
  5. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Cable Row
  6. 2 x 30 Reps 20kg Chest Press
  7. 2 x 35 Reps 35kg Pec Deck
  8. 3 x 30 Reps 25kg Tricep Pull Down
  9. 3 x 30 Reps 8kg (each arm) Bicep Dumbell Curl
  10. 3 x 30 Standing Oblique 20kg Barbell Twists (15 each side)
  11. 3 x 30 Standing Russian Oblique Weighted Bar Twists (15 each side)

Some of you may have noticed a change in the chest reps and the triceps weight which all helped to give a Polar H7 reading of 709 calories burned in the gym.

And in turn it all helped with getting the Jawbone reading back up to closer to where it should be at around the 13,000 steps mark


‘Till tomorrow,

Stay out of the fridge.

10 thoughts on “A Return To Being The Media Tart

  1. Lisa says:

    That is so exciting and you are doing such a great job with the food and the walking! I know you are so proud of yourself! Take care of your foot. Blisters are painful. I have heel spurs so I can only imagine how it is painful when you walk. I will try to find you on the BBC. What is the name of your segment? I apologize if you put it in your blog and I missed it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. New Journey says:

    Went I went to watch the video on the BBC this is what came up…BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why. – couldn’t get in but I was able to tap in to your on your blog….guess the BBC doesn’t want to share with us on the other side of the pond…I will wait for you to post it on your blog…to see the entire video…but looking good Sir Cameron!!! and yes of course you should enjoy the ooh and awes from the crowds….you’ve done a complete turn around with your weight and people are always interested….I think loosing weight is one of the most difficult things to do…I know, I know there are a lot of difficult jobs and things out there, but for a personal struggle and then to do it….YAY…..XXkat take care of that heel….

    If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice

    Liked by 1 person

    • Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet says:

      Unfortunately it is what they call Geo Blocking which means that certain countries are geographically blocked from viewing. The way round this is to use a VPN or simply just watch the clip in my Media section. This is the entire thing even though the sound is a trifle flawed and is the only share I can do with it I am afraid Kat.
      Still many thanks for the kind words and I am looking after my feet for sure!!


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