The Wayland’s Sunday Stroll

Good morning everybody and welcome to a new week where you can start the day with a little history lesson as I take you for a walk along my most favourite of places – The Ridgeway and offer you a touch of history as we do it.

The picture in the header is a professional picture of a piece of Neolithic history by the name of Wayland’s Smithy. It is a Long Barrow and Chamber Tomb dating from as far back as 3590 BC named by the Saxons who settled in the area over 4000 years after the original site was built. It was named after a Norse Smith God by the name of Wolund with ties to other Norse references. Please do read the Wiki link for more information.

The Ridgeway is part of a National Trail. Below shows Wantage to Avebury in detail for you to understand the trail a little better than my lame descriptions…!

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