The Journey Continues

Good morning world and thank you for tuning in!

This is the Worlds Biggest Fridge Magnet reporting for duty….

You will be pleased to know that yesterday I was contacted by the BBC reporter Adina Campbell and asked if we could do some filming this coming Monday of my six months weight loss progress. Any of you who might not have seen my BBC appearances before can look them up here on my Media page if you are so inclined. I will understand if you wish to be spared the embarrassment however 😉

You know what, the fact that the BBC have gotten back in touch and planned an update interview makes me happy. It makes me realise that there are some changes being made and that what I am doing does quite possibly matter if it is actually newsworthy enough to be shown on the BBC. Okay it may only be the local BBC South channel but it is exposure for the cause of the bariatric patient so when people hear about how much good it has done me, they might consider it for themselves, or perhaps if a naysayer see’s me interviewed and realises that this surgery can make a massive difference to a persons life, they may get on board with the cause instead of berating it and following the usual Fat equals Lazy train of thought.

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